Sunday, January 5, 2014

Sunday Synopsis: 2014 January 5th

It has been awhile since my last Sunday Synopsis -- nearly six months, and then I hadn't been very consistent for the previous six to eight months.  However, 2014 has arrived and the pain, frustration, and chaos that began  and followed 2013 right up to the end seems to have past.  Even amongst the chaos that happened, great gifts of love were also on the venue.  Our great children, and my sister,  stepped in and up  -- taking care of their dad and me when we needed them.  And their gifts of love kept coming throughout the year, phone calls, letters, and thoughtful gifts, joining me on a trip that I had always wanted to take, giving up weekends and holidays to work around our place, put new wood flooring in, painting, and just being a great family.  Not a gift to small or to large was out of their scope and I am the benefactor of such love.

News for 2014!  The book of letters that I had begun to believe was just a myth or a dream looks to be a reality.  The last of my edits has left my desk and awaits the fine tuning of my great friend and editor -- with the assistance of my sister.  I am thinking a reasonable date to send to the printer is sometime in February.

Back at my writing post in the early mornings -- if two days, can be counted as being "back."  A Spepia Saturday, Sunday Synopsis, and research for the last of the Jabezes pieces.  A good start for 2014.

I am also excited and pleased to be presenting a workshop on memoir and family history writing, which is coming up in March.  Looking forward to writing a January 12th Sunday Synopsis.

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Saturday, January 4, 2014

Sepia Saturday 209: 2014 January 4: A Stretch Packard - McPherson Style, A Mother, Five Daughters, & Three Granddaughters Long

This first prompt of 2014 is a vehicle,  a cross between a stretch limo and a country bus. Whilst it is said that there are plenty of potential prompts to be found in this image which comes from the collection of the Royal Australian Historical Society on Flickr Commons : cars, buses, dams, men in white coats, I flounced between beat-up old trucks, old school buses, and old cars.  In the end, I chose the following photo - not a very good photo, but then my family has not been known for artistic  -- or even clear -- photos.

A  Stretch Packard,  McPherson Style - A Mother, Five Daughters, & Three Granddaughters Long

1940 Packard
Back Row: Margie Bryant holding niece Marilyn, the matriarch Elizabeth Alfreda, Bertha Clouse, Betty McPherson, Verna McPherson, and Olive McPherson
Front Row, Nancy McPherson (sister of Marilyn) and Joan McPherson (me and cousin of Nancy and Marilyn)
Although the photograph was noted with a 1938 date, my mother dated photos, and such,  with a "guess & by golly" sort of nonchalance.  Based on the age of my baby cousin Marilyn (born 1938 Nov 18), I would place the date of the photo in the summer of 1940 -- and the car a brand new Packard.  My Aunt Bertha, in the center, most likely drove the Packard from their home in  Calipatria, California, to see her parents, sisters and brothers in Klamath County, Oregon.  Her sister, Margie, holding her baby niece Marilyn, would have accompanied Bertha on the trip north,  and most likely their husbands as well. 

I have listed the woman standing second from the right, as Verna McPherson.  However, I am not 100% sure that this is correct. It could also be sister Helen, as the two of them looked very much alike during their teenage years.  I toyed with the thought that it could also be Nancy and Marilyn's mother, Pearl McPherson;  however, Pearl was really quite slim in those years and had a very definite heart-shaped face.  

The real reason that I chose this photo was that Packard was reaaalllly long  -- not quite a stretch limo, but close for that day and age.  Now wheel on over to see what the other Sepians have to offer.

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