Friday, April 12, 2013

Sepia Saturday 172 # : 2013 April 13

1879 Group of Campers at
Lake Mendota's Camp McBride
Courtesy of Wisconsin Historical Society, WHS-27801

I came across this picture several years ago when I was perusing the Wisconsin Historical Society's collection of Dane County photographs for some background information and visual images of the mid to late 1800s, the period when my McPherson ancestors settled in Springdale, Dane County, Wisconsin.  This picture of a group of early day campers intrigued me.  After reading my great-great grandfather's diary, written between 1850 and 1890, and getting an insight of their life on a farm near the village of Springdale, there was little in the way to suggest that those old McPherson's of mine engaged in this sort outdoor camping activity.  More likely, it  seemed to me that this group of campers might have been Madison-folk, or city-folk, out for a day or a weekend on the shores of Lake Medota.  That excursion to the "country side" would be viewed very differently today, as Lake Mendota is now in the middle of the Wisconsin's capital city of Madison.

The Wisconsin Historical Society's description of the photograph  notes that the subject is "a group of campers at McBride's Point at Maple Bluff on Lake Mendota near Madison, Wisconsin. They are equipped with German exercise equipment (exercise pins, "kegels"), a horn (like a miniature alpen horn), an axe and archery equipment." 

This has been my offering for this 172nd Sepia Saturday's "group, camping, off-having-fun" prompt. Check out what other Sepian's have brought to the group.