Sunday, July 7, 2013

Sunday Synopsis: 2013 July 7th, Six Days and Counting

My focus has turned to the trip.  The distractions -- juggling water in a low water year, contractors, high heat, cranky heat pump --  are slipping to the background.  Now it is packing - for Coll (big black Shepherd), me, Reunion stuff, and of course the required techie toys.  However, all that plays out, next Saturday, my daughter, Coll(my dog) and I will be on our way for an adventure.  Blogging will happen as it happens.

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  1. Whether you find a way to make blogging on the road a go or not, I'll look forward to reading about your monumental trip upon your return. Best wishes for safe travel, Joan, and for you both to meet just exactly the ones whose conversation will add to the bigger picture.