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2013 July 8th: A Foss Reunion Preview, Mary Foss and Ferdinand Theis on Their Wedding Trip to the California and Oregon

1936 McPherson outing with Wisconsin Relatives
L to R: Pearl McPherson(Clive's wife), Jabez B. McPherson,
Elizabeth A. McPherson(nee Foss), Mildred McPherson (Ralph's
wife), and newly weds from Wisconsin,
Mary (nee Foss) and Ferdinand Theis
Courtesy of JGH and Roots'n'Leaves Archives
The 2013 Foss Family Reunion will be held at the Orfan Park in Sun Prairie, Wisconsin, and I will be there.  I feel very fortunate that I am finally going to meet the family of Mary and Ferdinand.  I scanned the above picture from my grandmother's old black album several years ago.  At that time, all I knew about the picture was that it included some of  my McPherson family and the couple on the right was May and Ferd (the photo  was labeled  "With May and Ferd."  I was sure this was a Foss couple, but I couldn't find a Ferd or a May in my limited information on the Foss family. 

Earlier this summer during a call to Kate, one of the reunion organizers, I asked if I could send a picture to her to see if she might be able to identify the couple.  And that she did!  The picture was of her mother and father, Mary and Ferdinand Theis.  The occasion was a trip the couple took after their wedding.  One of their stops was to visit Mary's aunt Elizabeth (Foss) McPherson, who was my grandmother.  I also liked this photo because although everyone looks to be leaning to the left.  They really are standing upright, but they are on a rather steep hillside above Crater Lake which was my grandparent's favorite place to take out of town folks.  To bad the lake is not visible, but nevertheless, I do recognize the location.

One puzzle solved.  Now I have a notebook of more pictures-- some with names, some without -- and I am hoping for names and stories galore to come my way at the Foss Family Reunion. 

Sun Prairie, Wisconsin, is a far piece from my Oregon home, but I am looking forward to meeting these Foss folks of mine.

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