Friday, July 26, 2013

2013 July 26th; T'would Have Been Mr. & Mrs. Richard A. Hill's 60th Anniversary

For Ric,
for all of the love stories,
written with paddles in the water and smoke from mountain campfires;
written in ponds, waterfalls and garden paths;
written in bouquets of wildflowers, sprigs of sage,
  and the first perfect rosebud of the year.
Thanks for the memories,
Winter, 1951-52
Ric and me
1953 July 26
After the Wedding

1960, Ric and me on the Ranch in Hildebrand
1965, Ric and me on the steps of the college "ticky-tacky"
student housing

1972, ranching and the University behind us,
and time for parties, work, and play
2003 July 26
A glorious 50th Wedding Anniversary and Bash
2003 July 26
The Family who Loved Him



  1. What a sweet, sad, sentimental post, Joan. I'm so sorry you're celebrating alone. Even though he's not here, I wish you and Ric a happy 60th.

  2. Thank you, Nancy. Twas a bittersweet day. Nevertheless, the post felt like a good way to honor him and our lives together.

  3. It was a lovely way to celebrate your long lives together. What lovely memories you have...definitely something to value. I hope time is slowly helping you to come to terms with losing him.

  4. Thank you, Pauleen. It seemed like a fitting way to end the day that would have been our 60th wedding anniversary -- and it was fun seeing us as we were.