Sunday, June 30, 2013

Sunday Synopsis: 2013 June 30th

This next month is going to be filled to the max!  My  writing group is meeting here on the Hill's Hill on Tuesday and I am in a thither trying to get something worthwhile into the computer and out on paper.  Working on a couple of ideas, but my chaotic desk is causing me some problems.

Well part of the chaos has to do with a quick trip that my sis and I are making over the 4th to see our McPherson aunties.  Now what that has to do with my messy desk centers around one of my reasons to see the aunties.  I need to finish my series on my family of Jabezes, of which my grandfather was one of the Jabez Burns McPherson.  I spent a while this weekend printing out every picture that I have of my grandfather and grandmother and put them in what I think is chronological order.  That may or may not be so.  What I am really hoping for is some new stories of their family life and of my grandparents. At the very least, I have a pictorial history of my grandfather --- and an inkling of the totality of the man.  I always hope for more  --- wish I had asked more questions of my grandparents, aunts and uncles -- but what I have is what I have.

A week after I return from Redding and the aunties, my daughter and I leave for our TREK.  The reason for going is a Foss family reunion in Wisconsin.  However, road trips like this take on a life of their own.  The girl wants to see every national park between here and Wisconsin.  We are both history nuts so the Oregon Trail and Lewis and Clark's path across the country intrigue us  --- and take us off  of a straight path to Madison.  Then there are cemeteries and places that family lived, loved, and talked about.  How could we miss those.

Now those are the plans -- my job is to get everything I need organized and packed.

O, forgot to mention, we are also traveling with my ever constant companion, Colldubh  --- a very large, black german shepherd.  Goodness knows, I might be saying the same things next Sunday, as the countdown progresses.

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