Sunday, June 23, 2013

Sunday Synopsis: 2013 June 23rd

It's been awhile since I have been at this Sunday Synopsis thingy; once in May, once in March, a few times in January, and a time or so in December.  Lots of things have happened that turned my life upside-down, but it seems that I am turning a corner -- not THE corner, but a corner.  Will see what lies ahead, but for now I have been a semi-regular contributor to Sepia Saturday.  My general writing has been taking an uptick.  In my critique group I presented (thrice) a story of the shooting of my great grandparents - she dead, and he shot in the pocket watch.  I am known to really dislike editing and revising, so the fact that I edited and revised was a major accomplishment.  It's a pretty good story so it may end up on this blog.

A Foss reunion (my paternal grandmother was a Foss) is being held in Sun Prairie, Wisconsin, in late July, so I am busy preparing for seeing and talking to "cousins."  In addition, on this trip to Wisconsin,  my daughter's bucket list includes most of the national parks betwixt here and there.  Of course, I dinna tell her that we also had to hit a number of cemeteries betwixt here and there as well.  With only a couple of eye-rolls she easily slipped additional stops.  Just got her itinerary -- she is so organized, which is good cuz her mother tends to be a "seat of the pants" navigator, which has and can cause problems.

Lastly, for this week I am preparing a shorty piece for the blog, which is based on true story with some literary latitude built in.

Hopefully, this is the start of "being on a roll."

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  1. Trip sounds wonderful, will be behind you somewhat. Headed east too, sometime.

    Roll on, good seeing you here.