Sunday, March 10, 2013

Sunday Synopsis: 2013 March 10th

It's been about three weeks since I have posted anything on this blog.  Recovering from a really nasty break which necessitated a serious (and successful) surgery, a long recovery period, physical therapy appointments has been tough.  However the more devasating issue is my husband's deteriorating mental and physical health.  We have been a couple for 63 years, since we were 14 and 15, and now married almost 60 years.  A heartbreaking time.

So my friends who have followed me and filled me with words of encouragement, I look forward to the day when I am back blogging and reading the blogs of my dear friends.  Til then I will often think of you all and,  perhaps now and again, jot down a word or two.  Thank you for reading.

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  1. Oh, Joan! While I'm glad to hear the surgery was successful and you are on the way to recovery, I'm so sorry to know you have been going through all this. And your husband! How sweet for a lifetime of companionship, but how bittersweet to see this turn of events. I'll be praying for both of you, though I wish there were other ways to send warm wishes and encouragement every day...

  2. Dear Joan, what a terrible time you are having...it must be devastating to know your life's partner is in such dire straits....you have spent so much time together. I can only put myself in your place and wonder how I would cope. Blogging is not important, except as a release and escape for you, and anything we can do in "moral support" please feel free to email. I'm so glad that the surgery was a success for no other reason than it's one less thing to think of. Lots of hugs and best wishes to you both. Pauleen