Sunday, January 13, 2013

Sunday Synopsis: 2013 Janurary 13

I did some editing and "catch-up" research for the book and will review with my sister before sending it off to L, the chief editor who keeps usn line.  I also posted a couple of things to my blog --- and am trying to catch up on my reading and responses.  All of that in between PT, OT and doc appointments  --- and the pure length of time it takes to do anything with a broken leg.  ugh. 

Nonetheless, things are progressing in the right direction  --- a good thing.

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  1. Joan, so glad you are back on the road to recovery...especially considering that huge project you are working on. You are so close to having it all completed! That must be so encouraging. Not to mention...for selfish reasons, here...I'm so glad to see you back to posting on your blog. Your stories are so interesting.

    You came to mind the other day. In thinking of my own blog and how things have gone there for the past year, I got to thinking of how you have been such an inspiration to me, especially through that very book project you are trying to get wrapped up.

    In addition to that, I wanted to let you know I really appreciated the encouragement you provided me through your comments at my blog last year, so I just nominated you for the "Liebster Blog Award."

    I've explained more about the award here.

    Joan, thanks again for everything--not only your inspiration to other writers, but for your own work here on your blog and in your projects!