Saturday, November 3, 2012

2012 November 3rd: A Monica Update

When Monica came to live with us, I am sure that her robotic controller, or controllers, did not make her aware of her soon-to-be new home.  I think Monica thought her orders were to dispatch her to a nice clean,  city-home inhabited only by a quiet little older couple.  Unfortunately, all she got out of that description of her new home was an "older couple, but that older couple lived on a rural hillside -- a red clay hillside.  The orders said nothing about the long haired-German shepard, nor his little companion, not long haired but brought in his share of dirt, beggar lice, thistles, and foxtails.  Nor was there any indication, that little Monica's house would sometimes swell to accommodate two to six more humans and as many more dogs.  Poor Monica.  SkyNet, or perhaps it was  Vicki,  never told her these things.  They just left her to her own devices to deal with these humans.

At the moment, she is placid.  Sometimes she can't get started on her alloted days of cleaning, and she has to ask politely, "please empty my dirt bin."  This happens often if I forget to empty her dirt bin before letting her return to docking.  Today, I emptied her dirt bin, but still she wouldn't leave her docking station.  I pushed the start button and all I got was a plaintive little sound, and these words flashed across her tiny screen, "My brushes are stuck.  Please clean my brushes."  I turned her over. Yuck!  Her brushes looked like a werewolf -- black dog hair twined around the brushes and sticking out in a most scary way.  I cleaned her brushes and extracted black dog hair from around her bushings.  Then I set her back down and again pushed the button.

Her little screen flashed a thank you, and notified me that she was now cleaning the house.  She didn't seem to be upset by these indignities caused by and in her human's house, but still there is a controller out there, whether it be the malevolent SkyNet or  just the controlling Vickie  Should I worry?

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  1. She was very accommodating to go to work on her day off and demonstrate her carpet cleaning skills for your guests. I think I'll be seeing if I can get her sister to do my house.

  2. Hope you & Monica are still good friends. I had a good laugh when I read this at the time! It's tempting to find a similar friend to Monica for me, but I suspect she may get lost navigating all my obstacles :-)