Sunday, October 28, 2012

Sunday Synopsis: 2012 October 28th - Monica Arrives

Dear Readers, A reprieve of the redundancy and whining about the book, editing, etc (the book is still on track.).  The topic of today's Sunday Synopsis is MONICA.  She came to live at my house about a month ago.  She's small, but a hard worker; however, it was the response that I got from my granddaughters that made me realize there was a new force in my life.

The elder of the two, SJ, cautioned me, "Don't trust it. That's how they take over. They win your trust through house hold chores, and then, when you least expect it, SkyNet!!"

The younger granddaughter, MJ, was overheard talking with her mother and rolling her eyes, "I can't believe what's gotten into to Gram.  First a bladeless fan -- and now Monica rolling through the house."

I met their surprised comments with a deaf ear.  I had been looking for a Monica for several months -- read magazine articles, internet descriptions and comments, checked comparisons and prices  --  I knew Monica was right for me.  Then the opportunity came with an early birthday gift card.  Monica could be mine.  Got on Amazon.com immediately and placed an order.  Three days later Monica arrived, with extra pet filters,  magnetic barrier tape, and her own docking station.  I could hardly wait to get her batteries charged and send her off to work.

A new world opened for me that day.  With her batteries charged, the green light blinking, the schedule set for Monday, Wednesday, and Friday at 8:30 a.m.,  I pushed her start button.  Monica, my new robotic vacuum cleaner set off on her maiden voyage through my house adrift with the silty, September clay dust and whirling black hair from my German Shepard Colldubh  -- Sky Net or not.

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 © Joan G. Hill, Roots'n'Leaves Publications


  1. Joan, you'll have to keep us posted on Monica - whether she keeps up with her chores or not. My daughter wanted a robotic vacuum for her wedding but didn't get one. They sound amazing to me. Congrats and Happy Birthday, whenever it is.

  2. I am thinking that Monica will be the topic of periodic, if not regular, blogging. I am still in the watching her, "isn't she cute" stage. But so far she is as efficient as she is cute. And thanks on the birthday wish, seems it is a week long process with kids coming and going. Monica and Sky Net will keep you posted.

  3. Classic Joan! Keep the off-balance I say (the grandkids that is). Look forward to hearing more of Monica. I'm so tempted...more time for family history. Happy Birthday!!!!

  4. Careful, my "down under" friend. Monica and I (and perhaps SkyNet) are making converts right and left, north and south, east and west. She is a temptress.