Sunday, October 14, 2012

Sunday Synopsis: 2012 October 14th

A quick review of the past two weeks.  My sis, our friend L, and I have been working away at the Uncle Ralph Letters.  L did a mock-up cover for the book, which with a few changes will be an excellent cover for the book. I am "aquiver" to  unveil the cover, but know I need to wait --- so for the time being, the book cover is "undercover."  And L is now creating section pages with pictures and stuff.  Far beyond my abilities and willingness to embark on that kind of artistic  endeavor.

My sis and I finished our next to last (I hope) edit and review, and I just now finished the last of the checking of the edits against the actual letters -- oh, what a chore!  Just checking the edits makes me wonder how I ever transcribed all of those letters -- weird punctuation, strange spelling at times, and run on sentences for lines and lines and lines of text  --- and that's to say nothing of the onion-skin paper which was written on both sides.  Yikes, my eyes will never forgive me.  Tomorrow, the last edits will be off to L for  inputting the edits and formatting.   While she is doing that task, I will be finishing, for the lack of a better title or heading, the "Introduction to the Letters."    At one point I thought we might be finished by October 31st, I will be happy to have the finished pages to the printer by Thanksgiving --- and even that may be a push.

But, how I am looking forward to getting back reading my favorite blogs and writing, both on my blog and the other stories and history that has slipped by the wayside during this race to the finish of the book of letters written by my dear Uncle Ralph.

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  1. How exciting to see the goal is so close, Joan! And what a challenge to have completed all you've accomplished. Wow...onion skin paper written on both sides with impossible handwriting? Now, that's fortitude!