Sunday, September 9, 2012

Sunday Synopsis: 2012 September 9th

Here in southern Oregon, these last days of summer treat us to warm days and cool nights, and the goldening of the foliage.  And for me, these days bring on my favorite time of year, autumn.  I think this is my favorite writing time of the year as well.  On the way out is the craziness of summer's squelching heat,  combined with the overwhelming need to keep checking on my deck plants, watering, plucking, and fidgeting.  Make way for the cool, clear days of fall.  Wa-Hoo.

This week has brought some new adventures and possibilities.  I have previously noted that I had found a treasure trove in the online Chronicles of Bentley.  This week I received my very own copy of Bentley and District Early History.  The third paragraph of the book starts with the words
 "In 1899, Major Wm. B. McPherson, a veteran of the American Civil war,
 and his sons,  filed on land in   ... the present site of Bentley..." 
 In fact, most of the first page tells about my great-grandfather's brother, Wm. B. McPherson and his sons.  Then paging on through the book, I find pictures of  cousin James Percy and his niece Vera in the 1911-12 Amateur Dramatic Society, the McPherson 1913 Creamery, family picnics, McPherson sawmills and crews, and, possibly my favorite, a picture of Stena and Vera McPherson (wife and daughter of Wm. M. McPherson) having a cup of tea in front of their log cabin (1905 vintage).  I will be happily perusing these stories and pictures again and again.

This week also brought a change in direction in the Uncle Ralph's letters project.  A long time family friend who has just retired has offered to help my sis and I finish up the project.  She has the skills and ability to take this ponderous mass of letters and shape it into book form.  This project has been weighing on me because my skill set would only allow me to plunk it into "sort of a book form" but not really what I had envisioned.  So my sis and I are going to focus on the final edit of the letters, and our friend will take it from there  --- and I trust her implicitly.  What a wonderful world.

Last week's writing and blogging resulted the COG entry of the Discovering the Diary, a Sunday Synopsis, and a Sadie Hawkins Day Dance memory (about 1500 wpw).  For this week, I am working on the introduction to the Uncle Ralph's letters, the 8th of the Jabezes series, a Ranch years piece for crit group on Tuesday, and hopefully another Sharing Memories piece.   I do love these days that usher in the cool crispness of fall --  clears and energizes the brain and body.

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  1. You are so energetic, Joan! It is nice to have the cooler autumn weather coming on. It is my favorite season of the year, too.

  2. "Squelching heat"...I like the way you put that, Joan!

    So glad you have found such wonderful resources for your projects--both the book and the help. It must be energizing to know that the project is moving forward!