Friday, September 21, 2012

Open Letter to Brian, GGGrandson of Jabez Burns, The Coffe Roaster

Brian, O, Brian, Happy I was to finally hear from a Burns relative.
Long and hereto unsuccessfully,  I've searched,
called several an unsuspecting Burns
(unrelated, I might add),
posted to Facebook & blog,
and even wrote a letter or two.

And finally, out of cyberspace a response.
A GGGrandson reads of the Coffee Roaster
and teases me with cousin-like thoughts,
but no email listed, no blog to follow,
no, oh,  no way to contact you.

---  I meant no disrespect by the short-hand history-based name,
it just that with so many Jabezes in our family
I  needed a way to differentiate one Jabez from another  --
You know, Jabez, the coffee roaster and Jabez, the minister,
then the sons and grandsons of coffee roaster or  minister,
And then on to their equally confusing cousins, the Jabez Burns McPhersons,
of which there were quite a few. 

Now, one more favor to ask of the  newly found GGGrandson of Jabez Burns:
Please send me an email.  Look to the top right-hand side of this blog,
 CONTACT should catch your eye.
Then an email  will open the way,
for you and I to share pictures, stories,
and perhaps, a new-born friendship based
on this most interesting family (at least to me).

Looking forward to hearing from you,
and telling you of your GGGrand Aunt,
Mary Burns McPherson  --- and hearing
stories of Great Grandpa Robert,
and your grandmother, mother and you.

Please, oh, please, do send an email
on its way to me.

~ ~ ~
 © Joan Hill, Roots'n'Leaves Publications


  1. I love your style Joan ;-) I hope that your appeal reaches Brian's eye again and you can start to build a personal connection as well as a genealogical one.

    I hope your nose isn't worn down too hard on that grindstone from all the editing ;-)

    1. Thanks, I'm not much of a poet, but this poetic prose seemed to work -- I hope. Even more so, I hope Brian of Burns lineage again contacts me --- this time by email with a return on it. Starting on the last 150 pages tonite. Then a slight reprieve until the finals hit us --- well, I hope its the finals.

  2. Oh, Joan... :(

    I hope your next Ode to Brian is sung to a happier tune!

    1. Me too, for a happier melody. Thanks for reading.

  3. Sometimes things can be so tantalizingly close--yet so far away. Good luck. I'll keep my fingers crossed that you hear from him again.