Sunday, July 29, 2012

Sunday Synopsis: 2012 July 29th

June came and went in a thither ---and July just slipped away, or perhaps just dried up and blew away.  However, that happened  -- July is almost a thing of the past, and this the 2nd Sunday Synopsis.During this month, I have posted four articles on the Jabezes or related to the Jabezes series; a 4th of July post and the 120 COG post.  As I listed these meager accomplishments, I cringe  --- then I have to remind myself of the research, updated FTM, phone calls, emails, and FILING that went into these posts. Arghhhh.

Also, had two critique group meetings and associated writing, plus I hosted one of the meetings, which I  love, but takes time and energy.

Also granddaughter and I are back in the routine of editing, hopefully for the last time, the letter project, which has gone on way, way too long.

For this next week, besides excavating my desk and surrounding areas, I need to produce writing for the Critique group on Tuesday.  Also more on the Jabezes series;  The next in the series will probably fold in Jabezes from the William Burns McPherson family, of which I believe there are two --- but of course, that too will take a bit of research.  Then, a piece on my grandfather,yet another Jabez Burns McPherson,who was a son of James Burns McPherson and a grandson of James Peter McPherson.  The last piece of the series with be a short (at least I hope it is short) wrap-up on the Jabezes.

My plan is to then focus on the family of Jabez Burns McPherson, i.e., his wife (my grandmother) and children (my dad, aunts and uncles).  Considering that there are 10 children in the family, I figure this little project will take me well into October.

I rather like this format of the Sunday Synopsis --- a conversation between me, myself and I  --- and without the hard cast deadlines and to do lists.  Accomplishes my intent of a certain amount of "oversight" and "planning" without the whip hand so obvious.  Took awhile to get to this point, but the view is nice.

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  1. I think you started out too hard on yourself Joan...those posts all take a lot of time, and to do the filing as well! I'm impressed :-) A lot of work has gone into your Jabez posts. Hopefully the letters project will soon be completed and you will feel a great sense of achievement - plus you've had great bonding time with your grand-daughter. Like you I never feel I've done enough either research or writing. Enjoy the view from the hill.