Monday, July 9, 2012

Jabez Burns' Addometer, Patent Issued 24 August 1858

Jabez Burns,Coffee Roaster & Inventor

A few weeks ago, in Part 2 of The Story of My Jabezes, I mentioned that Jabez Burns, the Coffee Roaster, had also invented an Addometer. At the time,  I spent quite a bit of effort trying to run down something substantial about Burns' number adding device, but to no avail.  Today, I was going over some previously mined information and the following article from the online History of Computers,Hardware, Software, and the Internet showed up on an internet search:  Jabez Burns Addometer  

In the profound words of my grandson, "Cool!"  

              Indeed, how "cool" is this? 

                           Way Cool!!

1858 Patent Model for Burns Addometer,
 Property of Smithsonian National Museum

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  1. OOOOO, more than cool! As they say in the midwest frequently, per several of our RVing buds from Kansas,


  2. "COOL BEANS", eh?? I'll keep that one in mind --and ready to use.

    Glad you enjoyed this little bit of history.