Sunday, June 17, 2012

Sunday Synopsis: 2012 June 17 -- Father's Day

A quick peek at this past week.  Writing, not much.  Blogging, not much. Research, zilch. Richness of family, O, Yeah!  Last Sunday, our daughters, son and his family arrived in time for a birthday celebration for their father. Unfortunately our younger daughter had to return to her home in northern part of the state.  The rest of us worked and played Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday.  By Thursday the tempo increased; birthday breakfast for son, complete with singing Happy Birthday at random times during the day -- he cringed a bit, but couldn't stop us. My sis joined us late Thursday evening, but missed the graduation celebration for youngest granddaughter, complete with singing Happy Graduation  --- we were on a roll.  Friday, we headed to Lost Creek Reservoir for a day of picnicking, sunshine, canoeing, kayaking.  After falling into bed early on Friday night, we arose early Saturday morning to make the trek over the mountain for a Liege Waffle breakfast at the family owned Waffle Hut --- nearly twenty of us squeezed into the Waffle Hut, talking, hugging, kissing, and catching up on each other's lives. Then it was back home and beginning to pack up for some of us. This morning we waved goodbye to son and his wife, as well as my sister.  A wonderful vacation with family is winding down and on Tuesday, I'll drive our Florida daughter to Eugene and meet up with my sis and younger daughter for a last hurrah before Florida daughter heads home.
Wonderful week and a bit sad to see it coming to a close --- but tons of great memories.

On this Father's Day, I also want to pay homage to my father, that Scotsman who guided my life until his death when I was only fifteen.

Harold Lloyd McPherson,
 February 12, 1912-June 29, 1951
1918, My dad at six years,
Crow Wing Lake, MN

1935,  Daddy & his dog,  Midland OR

1939, Daddy and me

1951, My dad at the Klamath Falls Airport

Note:  All pictures are the property of JGHill, and reside in the JGHill Archives.
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  1. Joan, what a wonderful week full of family endeavors. Nothing like being-together time!

    ...although I do have to say that, while I don't begrudge your time pursuing other endeavors, I do miss your writing. I especially enjoyed the piece you did recently for a Carnival post. I admire the work you've crafted, and always look forward to more...

  2. Jacqi, glad you enjoy my work. I am just itching to get back to work.Today, I had the opportunity to review some of my writing with my eldest --- which was great fun. And in doing so, the conversations got my creative juices flowing --- so I should be back at the computer, pounding out stories and history. Thanks for your interest.