Sunday, June 10, 2012

Sunday Synopsis: 2012 June 11th

After more than a week, maybe two, of head's down research, organizing and writing long lists, the 2nd part of my Jabez series is finally off  my desk, out of the computer and making its way through cyberspace.  My planned progression of the Jabez series will be to make a one blog piece about the Jabez son and grandson of Jabez the Coffee roaster.  Then back to England and a one blog post on the Jabez son and grandson of Jabez, the Minister.  Then back to America for a blog post on James P. and Mary Burns McPherson's son Jabez Burns McPherson.  O, for the love of Jabez, my head is beginning to hurt.

However the next couple of weeks will be filled with family.  In fact, my own dear chil'ins are still asleep in their beds -- here at home -- a very nice feel, but t'will soon be gone.  One leaves again on Monday, then another on the following weekend, and the last will head home on the  Tuesday next --- but for the time being I will treasure each minute and each child.

Then my Miss M, and her entourage, will be moving back in  later next week --- but just for a couple of months until she finds new digs.  Always enjoy her company, so that will be a good thing.


  1. Just discovered your blog via GeneaBloggers. Congratulations on your progress with your Jabez series. And I know the feeling about treasuring time with your family while they are home. Two of my kids live out of state now and it's always wonderful when they visit.

    1. Jana, glad you stopped by Roots'n'Leaves. Always a good thing to make a new blogger friend. Also I am glad to report that I am even getting a bit of writing accomplished while kids (adult) are here.

  2. Joan, you're a true inspiration! I, too, 'found' you through GeneaBloggers....and am so glad I did. :) I'm fairly new to blogging, and you've given me some great ideas. Thanks for sharing your stories.

  3. Carla, So glad you stopped by this blog of mine. Thanks for the kind words. BTW, I stopped by your blog and perused several posts. Good stuff.

  4. Joan I am so impressed as always with your achievements. I'm behind the eight ball catching up with lots of blog posts so have yet to read about Jabez x 2. I hope you have a ton of fun with the family.

  5. Pauleen, Thanks for the read. I am always surprised when people actually read my Sunday Synopsis -- in it's rambling way to keep me on track and for me to see if I actually accomplished anything for the week. Rather like talking to myself.