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Jabez Burns,Son, Grandson and Great Grandsons of Jabez Burns, The Coffee Roaster: My Story of The Jabezes, Part 3-Addendum

Jabez Burns, the Coffee Roaster had one more grandson who carried the name Jabez Burns.  This Jabez Burns, b.1855, was the a grandson of  the Coffee Roaster.  His father, Joseph Burns, was the third son of the Coffee Roaster, and was named after his great grandfather Joseph Burn of Lancashire, England.

According to Census Reports, this grandson, Jabez Burns,  worked as an investigator, and office manager probably in a retail rating agency,  He married a woman by the name of  Irene, who was a hairdresser.  They had one daughter, Ethel.

It does not appear that this grandson was employed in the family business; although, the business had several off-shoots and there is a possibility that the rating agency was one such allied company.

In regard to his birth family, his father Joseph was listed in the 1880 Federal Census as a Merchant of Dry Goods, which may or may not have been related to Jabez Burns & Sons.  One other son, George Washington Burns, was born to Joseph and Carrie Burns.  The Joseph and family lived in close proximity to the rest of  his brothers and to his father, Jabez Burns, the Coffee Roaster.

1880 Federal Census, Brooklyn, Kings, NY
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1918 WWI Registration Cards 

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