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Dawson Jabez Burns, son of Jabez Burns, Baptist Minister;:My Story of The Jabezes, Part 4

Seems strange to me, how quickly the name Jabez disappeared in my English relatives, considering that it was there in Lancashire the first Mary Burn of my line named her second son Jabez. He was a rather famous Jabez, a temperance preaching Baptist minister. His son was named Dawson Jabez
Burns; Dawson was the surnmane of his mother, and of course, Jabez the name of the father.

The Dawson Jabez Burns of this Part 4 of the Jabezes series was the last of the English Jabez Burns of which I am aware.

Although Dawson Jabez Burns' older brother George interest turned to printing and publishing, Dawson Jabez Burns followed his famous father's footsteps into the ministry. At the age of 22 years, he was attending the General Baptist College at St. Margaret, Leicester. During his youth he was surrounded by those in the temperance movement, such as Clara Lucas Balfour, who was the wife of James Balfour, of the Ways and Means Office in the House of Commons. Her husband, an alcohlic took the temperance pledge in 1837, and she a week later. Clara later contacted Jabez Burns and became a Baptist convert. It certainly is not surprising that Dawson Jabez Burns found a suitable wife for an upcoming Baptist minister in Clara's daughter Cecil Balfour. Dawson and Cecil Burns had five children, none of which bore the Jabez or Dawson name..

Dawson Jabez followed his famous father's steps in preaching temperance from the Baptist pulpit. He died at the age of 80 years, 23rd of August,1909.

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  1. Those Jabez's are slowly making sense to me. Hope the Colorado fires stay away fm yr bit of the west coast. they surely look shocking.

  2. Pauleen, I am amazed that those crazy Jabezes are making sense to you. Sometimes, I am writing along and find I am in the wrong family, wrong generation --- crazy making.

    RE: Colorado fires. Those are a far piece from my home in southern Oregon, but worrisome none the less. The younger sister of my daughter-in-law lives way too close to that inferno. Thanks for your concern.

    BTW sounds like you had a great time at the conference.