Sunday, May 6, 2012

Sunday Synopsis: 2012 May 6th

A short look at the past week.  Not a lot of writing accomplished, but all electronics are now working, cables hooked up as they should be, electrical cords running nicely under the desk, and the errant, but temporarily useful extension cords back in the appropriate boxes.  I started to write the next Jabez article, but I kept mixing up my Jabez's, so I took time out to enter research information into my database, which usually solidifies the facts and people in my mind.  The information that I have relating to Jabez, the Baptist minister is duly entered.

Also, the weather has been almost spring like, which meant that I haunted the various nurseries around the area.  About half of the pots and hanging baskets are planted and needed MORE PLANTS to finish off.  My greenhouse, the staging place for the plantings,  is FULL --- gorgeously and gloriously full.  I even left a bit of room for Doc's veggie garden stuff,   Spring is in the air, hillside needs mowing, and I promise myself I will get back to writing  ---  if only the humming birds dinna call to me --- and the peacocks.


  1. Sounds like you've had a lovely week Joan with all that gardening and spring fever. I feel quite envious of your wonderful planting.
    Good to know the electronics are now under control and the Jabezs slowly getting sorted out. Typical to have such an unusual name except to have multiples in one place. The joys of family history:-)

    Hope you have a happy Spring-filled week ahead.

    1. Thanks for the interest. I have "thought" about the Jabezes several times over the years, but now I now why I never dug into it --- one thing leads to another. Unfortunately, that's the kind of researcher I am. My son calls me a "breadth searcher" and I really need someone to trim my trees before I get too far afield. LOL--I think.

  2. Greenhouse?? Really?? OKKKKK, officially jealous, seriously jealous!

    Your week sound heavenly. I spent some of mine potting up plants, they are all on the deck, and I have to say, even tho I want more, these are sure being enjoyed, I smile every time the fur kids go out, and, being old, they go a lot. So, lots of plant smiles!

    And, I saw my first hummer this AM, flitting around the smoke bush, hope he finds the feeders soon!

    1. You can downsized the jealousy -- it's a small greenhouse, attached to the side of the garage. When I had it built, I had visions of growing all my plants from seed. Then I discovered, I really wasn't much of a gardener. I like to have my decks covered with pots of flowers and stuff --- and hanging baskets (remember I have peacocks!) Nowadays, I have a massive flurry in the spring, and then I get to enjoy the decks until fall.

      Our hummingbirds, i.e., the first ones that show up in the spring, are demanding creatures. They will hover around where the feeders should be--- until we bring the feeders out.

  3. What a wonderful way to spend a few spring days! I'm way behind on my spring planting (and weeding). It's been rainy here the last few week-ends--and I'm way behind where I usually am in early May.

  4. I love the idea of a breadth-researcher. I'm with you on that. Mild trimming only allowed. I'd much rather know more about them than just have a whole bunch of names stretching back -who were they? I wouldn't care if I didn't "know" them.

    I came across the following podcast via Audrey Collins' blog and thought of you as it mentions Chartists even though it applies specifically to England and Wales not Scotland. Worth a look? http://media.nationalarchives.gov.uk/index.php/living-the-poor-life-poverty-and-the-workhouse-in-the-19th-century/

  5. Pauleen, Thanks for the link. T'was interesting. Mary Burns' folks came from the Lancashire area (Bolton, Leeds,Oldham,
    Sheffield,etc), and were there during the Peterloo riots in 1815 -- sort a precursor to the Chartist, so the podcast was very interesting to me.

    Things that I never thought would interest me, are now taking on a new fascination.

    Thanks for thinking of me.