Sunday, April 29, 2012

Sunday Synopsis: 2012 April 29th

T'was an odd week, this last week.  Started off with my desk being stacked high with left over  material from last Friday's research and post on Jabez Burns, D.D.  So, I said to Self, "Now would be a good time to finish up some more research on Jabez Burns, the Coffee Roaster."  The stacks of paper got higher, the notebooks more numerous, until finally I started filing.  About that time an electrical strike hit somewhere  nearby, zapping out the lights, TV, and my Artisan 810 printer.  It was only a momentary outage, but my printer had lights blinking on and off, error messages telling me to turn it off.  I fiddle-faddled with the printer for an hour or so, and finally got it working again. All is good, right?

No, on Wednesday afternoon the Artisan 810 was again blinking lights and messages, and nothing I did made it stop.  I thought about calling Epson, but my last memories of trying to communicate about electronic problems to someone that dinna speak English and I dinna speak electronics very well either convinced me to try another route.  Looked up the nearest service provider which was in Grants Pass  --- a 100 mile round trip for me.  I talked to a very nice person who told me to bring it in. Unhooked all of the cables and cords, loaded up the 810 and traveled to Grants Pass.  The young lady made out a service ticket and told me they would call some time next week.  So-o-o-o. I am without a fax, copier, and printer.  No so good.

Then the next morning I sit down at my computer, fire up Firefox --What!  No internet connection, but it was working last nite when I shut down the computer.  I wait until a civilized 6:30 a.m. to call my son for his input, instructions, lectures.  We ascertained that I had done the usual trouble shooting kind of stuff and it was time to call the internet service provider.  I was on the telephone with the IP from 7:30 a.m. until 10:30 a.m. when I had to leave for an appointment.  The techie guy was very nice, but we did the same thing over and over and over again with no discernible results.  He finally told me that he was going to have to have "upper management" determine the problem and that it would only be about 5 minutes.  A half hour later, "upper management" was still working on the problem and I had to leave.  However, when I got back four hours later, I did indeed have internet connection.

These little  quirks have put a serious dent in my COG paper --- which was mixed up in the Jabez D.D. and Coffee Roaster mess on my desk.  I might be able to pull it together tomorrow --- maybe.

However, there were some really good things that happened this week  --- besides getting internet connection back.  I sent an email  to the Oldham Historical Society requesting some information about the Burns 3x great grandfather and his family. 

A wonderful woman by  the name of Susan sent me some great information:
 **baptismal information for William G. Burns (3x ggrandfather), his apparent twin sister, another sister by the same name, and younger brother Jabez(the D.D.)

**the baptismal records also gave the names of the parents, Joseph Burns, a Basket Maker, and Mary, of the Bent,  in Oldham. Another interesting bit of information was that J. Bunting performed the baptism for William and his sister -- their younger brother would be named for this same Jabez Bunting

**marriage record of William G. Burns, Basket Maker, and Elizabeth Horrock (I had always heard the name as Herrick;  Susan said that Horrock was a very common name in Bolton where they were married and she would need more information to search any further for Elizabeth Horrock)

**Susan also found more details about Joseph Burn's occupation in a couple of trade directories.  He was listed as a Basket and Skip maker and vendor of worm medicine in one directory; and as a Basket Maker and Worm Doctor in the other.
I have some work cut out for me to sort out and do further research on this information.

Next, I turned my attention to Dundee.  I have a ton of questions that I have been gathering for the last few years, so I contacted the Tay Valley Historical Society.  Not quite as easy to work with  as the Oldham Historical Society, but I signed up for a membership --- cuz then someone would actually talk to me --- and now I am waiting, but it feels good.

Lastly, a fellow who read my blog had written to me about Springdale, Wisconsin.  We have been in communication on serval issues, and he asked if there was anything I wanted him to look up when he went to the Wisconsin Historical Library.  I did and he did!  He found that William Burns McPherson
was, in 1895,  Asst. Adjutant General, Records and Pension Office, War Dept. from the Journal of the proceedings of the annual meeting of the commander- in- chief in "Washington City" for the state of Wisconsin.  Of course, this is supposed to be on the internet on Google Books --- however, Google Books was a bit intimidating, so I will be in contact with the librarian at WHLM.

So it was a roller coaster week  --- up's and down's and nothing went quite as planned.  Life is like that sometimes.


  1. That was some week Joan. Don't you hate it when technology turns against you -I do and my patience flies out the window. I loved your English:electronic dilemma. Sounds like it's the same the world over. I wondered if you use ScotlandsPeople...I love it for census and BDM but he historical/genie libraries probably have other things. There I was thinking Jabez was an unusual name - but apparently not so. Hope this week is kinder.

    1. Pauleen, sounds like you know these kind of techie problems from first hand experience. We can smile after the fact, but not so sure I was smiling in the midst.

      I have used Scotland's People, but I don't have a subscription other than my ancestry.com subscription, which definitely isn't as satisfying as using S'sP. At the moment I am hoping to find a Scots contact-a history buff- who can give me more of the flavor and such of the 1800s in Dundee.

      Thanks for the stopping by.