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Christian Morig as presented in the Centennial History of the Town of Springdale, Dane County, Wisconsin, 1848-1948

Over the past few months, I have been posting articles from the Centennial History of the Town of Springdale,  Dane County, Wisconsin, 1848-1948.  Sometimes these articles are about my McPherson family, but many times not.    Nevertheless, I continue to  hope that these stories will bring forth more contacts, family, friends and history of my McPhersons and the town of Springdale,  and to, perhaps, provide a link for those who had family in Springdale during those early years in Springdale.

Christian Morig's name was noted often in my 2x great-grandfather James P. McPherson's diary;  the two families were close neighbors throughout their lives in Springdale.

Christian Morig (Mohrig, Mohrich) was living in Springdale at the time of the 1850 Federal Census, however, his name in Ancestry's census index appears as Christian Merry. Also listed are  his wife Fredrica, and children, Wilhelmina and Charles.  By the 1860 Federal Census, he is listed as Christian Mcrichy, as are Frederikka,  Wilhelmine, and Carl;  on the next page, his three younger children are listed as Mary A., Henriette, and Robert Morichy.  1870 brings a new variation of the name on the Federal Census, Morick.  Finally, in the 1870 Federal Census, 73 year old Christian and his 64 year old wife Fredericka are listed under the name Morig.  (According to the Census Reports he could have been 77 years old, with birth year reported between 1803 and 1807;  Fredericka's birth year was fairly consistent, approximately 1817)

To further complicate the name issues, on the 1862 platt map Morig's property, which is not far from that of my 2x great grandfather's, J.P. McPherson, is listed under the name of Mohrich.  (As a further teaser in the Morig's in Springdale, between J.P.'s land and  Christian's land, as  shown on the 1862 Springdale platt map,  is the property of William Morhich.  I do not have a clue as to the connection, or if there is one, between Christian and William Mohrich.

(Note: There is not a listing in the 1860 Federal Census of Springdale for a William Morhrich, Morig, or any of the other name variations for Morig.
Also, the problems with the Morig's names in the census appeared to be two fold;  a language issue between Morig's German accent and what the enumerator heard, plus equally unclear handwriting that blurred the lines between o's, e's. c's, g's, y's and g's.)

Christian Morig
as presented on page 136,
Centennial History of the Town of Springdale
Dane County, Wisconsin, 1848-1948

Christ Morig was an early settler in Springdale the exact date of his arrival not being known.  He homesteaded the farm now know as the Lust farm and owned by Ervin Lust.  Robert Morig, a son of Christ Morig, married Sofie Showers.  They had five children, namely Robert, Al, Ralph, Wallis and Elda.

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  1. Oh, the challenges of researching those name contortions! Glad that wasn't one of the lines I'm following. You certainly persevered in that pursuit, Joan!

    1. Yes, indeed that was a doozy-doo, but I knew he was there and once I get the scent, I am like a bloodhound on the trail. Thanks for reading and commenting.