Sunday, January 29, 2012

Sunday Synopsis: 2012 January 29th:End of a Busy Week

This past week has been a FAMILY week.  Granddaughter is home from Korea for a few weeks before returning for another year of teaching English in a Korean middle school for boys.  Family came from Portland, Eugene, and Walla Walla to see her while she is here.  Sadly, I will bid her adieu when she leaves on Tuesday.

Even with all the family activities,  I did post a Monday transcription from the Centennial of History of the Township of Springdale.  On Tuesday, my writing critique group meets at my house and I am hoping to have at least a ruff draft of a new article.  On Saturday, Willamette Writers' February meeting is scheduled, along with an afternoon workshop.

So not a lot of genealogy, or writing, but an interesting week none the less.


  1. Family weeks are the bestest weeks of all!

  2. Yes! Interesting! What a wonderful experience for your granddaughter--and how wonderful that the family is all able to gather to visit with her on her break. I envy all your activities with supportive writers' groups!

  3. You are certainly a member of an interesting family!

  4. Sounds like you had a great week with the family -definitely a priority. Does she enjoy teaching in Korea? My eldest has just gone to Kenya with Australia's aid agency. They have a taste for adventure don't they.

    Hope your writing day goes well today. Sounds like this week is more than busy enough to make up for last week.