Sunday, November 6, 2011

Sunday Synopis: 2011 November 6

Rather an odd week.

Regarding writing, I had back-to-back writing groups last Tuesday, and to an extent, I am still reeling.  For one group, I edited what is most likely, the opening of the memoir for the Ranch Years, "The Burning Haystack."   I think it is close to the mark as the initiating moment of the backstory.  May need to review in terms of fleshing out the characters.

For the second group; Although, I wasn't on tap for presentation that night,  we had four presentations to critique as learning exercises.  For this coming week, I wrote a rough draft for another chapter (not necessarily in order); this one has the working title of  "Bitsy, Mud Pies and Hacksaw Blades."  A more difficult piece --  I cannot afford to gloss over the learning moments presented here, the editing, rewrite, and all around futzing is time consuming and fretful.

Regarding my latest object of interest surrounding James P. McPherson, I have thoroughly devoured (crumpled  and krimped pages, underlined and highlighted passages  makes the book look as though a dragon was using it as nesting material)  Dorothy Thompson's The Chartists.  Now I have so many more unanswered, and most likely unanswerable, questions in regards to J.P., his father-in-law, and friends and their relationship to the Chartist movement.  With the reading and research behind me, I can no get back to being more investigative and analytical in regards to J.P.s life and times.

As far as blogging, this was a light weight week, with only the transcription of the 1841 letter to J.P. submitted as an Amanuensis Monday post.  Interesting, but short on content.  I wasn't ready to do my Thursday Thoughts on the Chartist, so perhaps that will show up this coming week,  Also had other commitments on Saturday and not organized enough to have a prescheduled Surnname Satureday  offering.

As I said, an odd week.


  1. Your writing classes sound like a lot of fun, challenging, but fun.

  2. Looking forward to your Thursday Thoughts. Your writing groups sound like they are putting you through your paces.

  3. You might not have been blogging but you've sure been busy. Sounds asi some of the writing was challenging...never easy creating something. Love the dragon nest concept. Keep persevering!

  4. Carol, Jacqi and Cassmob, thanks so much for reading and commenting. I am loving the writing groups, but with both groups meeting on Tuesdays I have to keep focused --- at least for the next 4 weeks --then the pressure will ease off -- for writing at least.

    Every once in a while, my grandmother's words of caution about treating books with the upmost care comes back to me --- but in the my day to day world, when I am into a book, it does indeed become dragon nesting material. Now I understand why I dinna go to libraries all that much. Libraries really frown on that kind of behavior.

    Thanks again for reading and commenting.