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Surname Saturday: Thomas B. Miles Family, Springdale, Wisconsin, 1850-1878

On June 13, 1850, James P. McPherson was taken to view two 80-acre parcels of land located next to Thomas B. Miles' home in Springdale, Dane County, Wisconsin.  McPherson settled on this land and the connection between the McPhersons and the Miles families continued from that date.  In November of 1850,  James boarded with the Miles family while he was building his log home with its thatched roof and dirt floors.  The McPherson family moved into their home in mid-December;  however by mid-January a cold, howling storm blew away a portion of the thatch.  Their neighbor, Thomas Miles, came to their rescue and moved James, Mary and their three children into the Miles home until the roof was patched.
Throughout the years, the family helped one another with planting, harvesting, and the  butchering beef and hogs.  The two families visited back and forth.  Later, there was even a closer connection when, on October 15,1865,  James and Mary's eldest son William Burns McPherson married Emeline Rozetta Miles, the third child of Thomas and Clarissa Miles.

On page 100 of the Centennial History of Springdale, Dane County, Wisconsin, 1848-1948, the following is noted:
Thomas. B. Miles homestead, the farm now known as the William Schmidt Farm.  He was one of the oldest settlers and first organizers of the town.  He was a prominent man always willing to help in any enterprise for the promotion and welfare of the community.  He was the first postmaster of the town, appointed  in 1850 and was a native of Pennsylvania.  In 1836 he married Miss  Clarissa Burch,  a native of New York.  They raised a family of nine children all living in Wisconsin.

Thomas B. Miles is listed in the Federal Census for Springdale, Dane County, Wisconsin, for the years 1850, 1860, and 1870.  In addition to Thomas and Clarissa, the family included Ann. J. Miles, Samuel C. Miles, Emeline R. Miles, Henry Miles, William Miles, Alice M. Miles, Helen Miles, Sarah Miles, and Eveline Miles.

Thomas B. Miles died on March 23, 1878.  At the time of his death, Miles had been a friend and neighbor for nearly 30 years, and part of the family for over a decade.

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  1. Whew, I can't imagine living in a home with a thatched roof in Wisconsin in December. People sure faced hardships in the 1800s as they settled the midwest.