Sunday, October 30, 2011

Sunday Synopsis: 2011 October 30th:

A quickie synopsis today --- to keep faith with this weekly thingy. First of all, the bad news; the Uncle Ralph Letters project is still in the lurch.  However, I expect to resume work on that project early Monday morning.  I almost said bright and early, but early nowadays for me is about 5 am and it  is definitely not bright at that time of morning.  The plan is to work 2 to 3 hours each day before I head to the Y.  Even if I only get 1 hour in that is more than I have done the past month.  Yikes.

Had a great workshop last Tuesday nite.  I was jazzed about the Ranch years project. Today and tomorrow I am reworking the first piece.  It was an ok first draft, but not enough backstory, dialogue needs more set up around it, and general rewrite -- ughh, I would say I hate rewrites (which I do) but I would rather get this story right than be a whiner and a sniveler.

I am plugging along with reading and researching information about the Chartist, and also the Temperance movement.  As a major flax production area, Dundee's flax workers were very active in the Chartist and social movements of that era.  And for tomorrow's Amanuensis Monday I will be transcribing a letter written to J.P. McPherson, which shows his involvement in  political activities in the Dundee area. 

Regarding my Roots'n'Leaves blog, I managed to enter four posts for the week, including last week's Sunday Synopsis. For the time being,  I am trying to enter a transcription of some sort every Monday, a more thought provoking post for Thursday Thoughts, a  Surname Saturday piece that highlights a family name of  some importance in the Springdale, Wisconsin, of J.P. McPherson's time, and then, of course, my Sunday Synopsis.

That's the way she rolls.


  1. She rolls JUST fine! Clap Clap Clap!

  2. Carol, me thinks we share a similar bent -- humorwise, and otherwise.

  3. I think I need to take a leaf from your methodical book. You're going great guns.