Sunday, October 23, 2011

Sunday Synopsis: 2011 October 23rd: Looking up!

For the first time in a couple of months, I am beginning to feel like I am in control of this ship of state, rather than being tumbled upon the winds of fate.  My desk is 80% cleared off -- 2 miscellaneous projects (non-writing, non-genealogy) to clear out.  Then back to my Uncle Ralph's letters and getting that project back on track.  Next week I am planning on having much more to say about the progress of this book of letters.

Winter Feeding at Hungry Hollow, 1960-61

I am also taking a writing class from which I hope to have a memoir of the Ranch Years mapped out.  The class is to hone our writing skills, which is always good; however, as I was reviewing some of the stories that I had written, I realized that I had 30%-40% of the stories of our ranch years already written in some form or other.  So, an actual memoir of those years is within the realm of possibility -- within this next year or so.  Today, I am working on a unifying concept in which to frame the stories.  Hopefully, it is just a a day's work -- or whatever it takes.  The Larry Brooks workshop I took a couple of weeks ago has also helped to give some coherence to this project.

Courtesy of Wikipedia

Lastly, my work on my McPherson family history and my 2x great-grandfather's diary is still progressing.  I have stopped my OCD behavior about the diary;  I can focus on something more than transcribing.  This past week or so I have been reading and researching on the 1830s & 40s Chartist movement in the British Isles. The political milieu surrounding the Chartist movement, which included agitation around the persecution of union activity, against the Poor Laws which were seen by the working class as tearing apart the family unit, and the proposal for a National Charter and the call to political action by a general convention. Highlighting, supporting, and giving structure to this general disturbance within the manufacturing groups were the myriad of the unstamped press, and finally the creation of the Feargus O'Connor's Northern Star.  Not only do I feel the blood of ole J.P. begin to boil, but that call to stand for the protection of our rights and liberties follows through his lineage to this very day.

And thusly are spent the days of a historian, genealogist, writer, and family historian.  Life is good.

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  1. So glad to hear you are feeling some peace about the big picture. You are right about some of the "side effects" of being riveted on transcription. It can get overwhelming. I've found, though, that it sometimes helps to set a small daily goal on the transcription--say, do one full page of the journal per day--that is do-able and yet give me the feeling that I will still get the job done...eventually.

    Looking forward to seeing your project take shape and close in on the last stretch and finish line!

  2. Joan you've certainly been very busy over the past week, ticking off jobs and getting sorted. The ranch memoirs sound fascinating. Will you publish it as a book? Glad you've overcome your OCD habits -can you share the secret of how to do that?

  3. Glad to hear this good news. A clean desk is always helpful, and the plans for upcoming projects sound intriguing.

  4. Congratulations, the progress sounds exciting. Keep telling about it, maybe you can drag me along for the ride, the organizing and cleaning up first! Cheers - -