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Amanuensis Monday: Centennial History; Township of Springdale: Sworn Inspectors of Elections, 1856

Sworn Inspectors of Elections, 1856

According to the Centennial History, Township of Springdale, Dane County, Wisconsin, 1848-1948,  the following 1856 document is an invaluable piece of Springdale's history, which "contains the names of six permanent first settlers of Springdale":

Dane County
Town of Springdale.

James  P. McPherson,  H. H. Dryden, Morgan L. Curtis, Inspectors of Election and Hugh Stephens, and Richard Blackburn, Clerks of Election, do solemnly swear that we will perform the duties of our respective offices according to lae, and will studiously endeavor to prevent all fraud, deceit, or abuse in conducting this election, So Help us God.

 (Signed) James P. McPherson, H.H. Dryden, Morgan L. Curtis, Inspectors of  Election
(Signed) Hugh Stevens, Richard Blackburn, Clerks of Election

Subscribed and sworn to before me this 4th day of November, 1856
(Signed)  John I Berge, Justice of the Peace.


1. Firmin Wousal (Housel) 44. Daniel Lesler (Lester) 87. L. D. Roblins
2. W.W. Upson 45. Leonard Lewis Jr. 88. Philander Nash
3. Carl Loust 46. Theo. Miles 89. Handford Strumwauy
4. Carl Marquette 47. E. Kelly 90. A. Malone
5. John McKinsey 48.Yevi Jacket 91. Stephen Hoy
6. Thomas Rand 49. William Thomson 92. Wm. W. Abbott
7. W. N. Fargo 50. John Cook 93. Hugh Stephenson
8. Samuel Whaley 51. Michael Jacket 94. M. L. Curtis
9. Ole Anderson 52. Abram Jacket Jr. 95.A. N. Dryden
10. Michael Johnson 53. Ole Thomson 96. Ole Lourenson
11. Ole Lee 54. Henry Lewis 97. John Hoy
12. Avery Woff 55. Charles Kelly 98. John Leary
13. Aslab Lee 56. William McLears 99. B. R. Burbank
14. Lars Sienson 57. William Cullins 100. Henery Bolan
15. Just Gorgenson 58. Arny Holverson 101. R. B. Dudley
16. Austin Hanson 59. John Jones, Jr. 102. John Mahoney
17. Younger Christenson 60. Ever Thorson 103. Hawley Childs
18. Hendric Johnson 61. Lasa Thorson 104. William Bonnell
19. Eric Oleson 62. C. M. Martin 105. John Murphey
20. Ole Christenson 63. James R. (P.) McPherson 106. Arny Peterson
21. Knud Johnson 64. James P. Forsythe 107. Thomas O'Neil.
22. Knud Knudson 65. John J. Lipon 108. William Lamb
23. Thomas McGregor 66. Jacob C. Strong 109. John Edi
24. David McGregor 67. Arny Paulson 110. W. R. Derrick
25. Thurston Thomson 68. W. E. Willis 111. M. M. Forsythe
26. Knud Sorenson 69. Peter Ruckle 112. Joseph Henderson
27. Thorald Oleson 70. William Adams 113. John Lynch
28. Harold Teoff 71. W. D. Dryden 114. Michael Brown
29. Christopher Oleson 72. William Dryden 115. Felix Quigley
30. Gilbert Oleson 73. E. K. McCord 116. Tho. Carroll
31. Knud Stenryson 74. William Donald 117. Thou Touson
32. Samuel Curtis 75. James Connor 118. Wm. Brown
33. John I. Berge 76. John McCaughey 119. Edwin Strumway
35. Harold Haroldson 77. Andrus Anderson 120. J. P. Beard
36. Lars Peterson 78. William McCaughey 121. David Murphy
37. John Knudson 79. James Lyle 122. William Sweet
38. Frann Knudson 80. John Jones, Len (Sen) 123. Thomas Thoason
39. Henery Kreight 81. Thos. Blackburn 124. Ole Austinson
40. Holver Holverson 82. Leonard Lewis 125. John Beat
41. Lever Anderson 83. Henry Allen 126. J. F. C. Morick
42. William Henderson 84. Isaac G. Brader 127. George Wright
43. Michael Kalskot 85. Nelse Holverson 128.Richard Blackburn

86. Edmund Spier
James P. McPherson
H. H. Dryden*
M.L. Curtis 
   Inspectors of Elections

Hugh Stephen
Richard Blackburn
   Clerks of Election

Note:  These documents were  found on pages 137 and 139, Centennial History, Township of Springdale, Dane County, Wisconsin, 1848-1948.  In 1942, a group was organized to complete the town history.  Members of the initial committee included, T. S. Spaanem (President),Albert Barton, Harvey Fargo, Miss Carrie Eggum, Miss Susie Eggum, C. A. Sorenson (Director), Arthur Sorenson (Secretary).Herman C. Erfurth (Treasurer),  Lewis Rue, Gilbert Gilbertson (Vice President), Hector Gunderson, Larence Lunde, and Ed Lohff. In the Introduction to the Centennial History, Cornelius A. Sorenson stated that the task of the committee was to record of the life and experiences of the pioneers and early settlers of Springdale.

Apology: I tried to get the poll  list of  voters in a more presentable form.  Unfortunately, my skill set  was not up to the task.//JGH
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