Sunday, September 18, 2011

Sunday Synopsis: 2011 September 18th: OMG iIt's Been Nearly A Month!

Life and family stuff came in overwhelming  gusts and flurries, so not much  writing occurred.   However, for the most part I have continued to transcribe J.P.'s diary.  In fact, when my life is in chaos, sitting here with my dual screens and becoming lost in the day to day Springdale happenings of 150 years ago is comforting and strangely relaxing.  For seven or so years, J.P. wrote faithfully in his diary.  Then one day it stopped--- for almost a year.  Important things happened that year.  Mary's folks, William G. and Elizabeth Burns apparently came  to visit and stayed.  Also, it seems that Billy moved out of the family home, at least for a while.  And there seemed to be changes in J.P.'s political sphere --- and all I can do is to keep transcribing and hope for clues to what happened during that year.  But, no,  he had a couple of more lapses in his diary keeping.  I guess, life and family stuff came in in overwhelming gusts and flurries for J.P., as well as his great-great-granddaughter.


  1. What you write about transcribing may give me the inspiration to actually get some of my transcription done. I hadn't given it much thought, but I do need "comforting and relaxing" activities to be interspersed with some of the research and housework. Who knows, perhaps it will make me more productive!

  2. Greta, I find it just odd what gives me comfort and relaxation --- but transcribing the diary certainly does it for me. Thanks for reading.

  3. Life does tend to get in the way doesn't it but I find FH is always therapeutic as you plainly do too. It's great that you are making this transcription a priority in your FH.