Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Wedding Wednesday: James P.McPherson Married Robert Craig and Mrs. Wallace, June 10th, 1855.

The above is the first notation in James Peter McPherson's diary that he performed a marriage ceremony.  I have long known that  as Justice of the Peace, he performed marriages in his town of Springdale, Wisconsin,  but it was still exciting to actually be able to read his actual words.  He was elected Justice of the Peace on April 4, 1854, not quite four years after arriving in Springdale, Wisconsin.  Now a bit more than a year later, he performed the marriage ceremony for Mrs. Wallace and Robert Craig.

Although there had been no previous mention of Robert Craig in the diary,  Mrs. Wallace was mentioned several times.

On March 31, 1855, J.P. notes that "Mrs. Wallace has been delivered of a girl."  Oral history and "reading between the lines" of the diary, it appears that Mary McPherson, James Peter's wife, was quite in demand as a midwife and healer, so perhaps she acted as the mid-wife in the delivery.

Mrs. Wallace is next mentioned on April, 12, 1855, when J.P. notes that he "took Mrs. Wallaces affidavit."  In the same notation he mentions a "Raising", but it is not clear if it was a "raising" for Mrs. Wallace.  However, the notation seemed to indicate that the "raising" was in some way related to Mrs. Wallace.

Then on May 18, 1855, she is noted as visiting J.P. McPherson, which is followed by the June 10, 1855, diary notation, "Married Robert Craig and Mrs. Wallace.  Went to house with the party to Robert Craigs."

I do love this diary, but it often leaves a raft of unanswered questions;  What happened to Mr. Wallace?  Who is Robert Craig and where did he come from?  What was in the affadavit?  For whom was the "raising, Mrs.Wallace or Robert  Craig? --- Then,  of course, each answer would most likely generate a whole new list of questions.

Ahh, such is the life of a searcher.

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