Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Tombstone Tuesday: Adamson Family Plot in Pioneer Cemetery, Springdale, Wisconsin

Sign outside the Pioneer Cemetery, near the old selttlement of Springdale WI
Posted by PicasaNovember last, 2010, you know, and whilst my "cuzin" B toting me through the countryside near and around Mt. Vernon, Verona, and the old settelment area of Springdale, we happened upon this sign, which marked the site of the Pioneer Cemetery near what once was the village of Springdale, Wisconsin.   The cemetery is now known as the Oak Hll Cemetery (Springdale Cemetery).  Of course we stopped.

And on that clear, cold, windswept hillside, we found the Adamson family plot -- Adamson's who were always close to our McPherson forebearers, but just how is always illusive.  The relationship dinna matter.  In some mysterious way, yet unknown to me, Ann Adamson and her husband Thomas were family to my great-great grandparents, James P. and Mary Burns McPherson.  On this day, we paid homage to family,  Ann and Thomas (and their son, Robert), as well as to our McPherson heritage.

Pictures by B. Mansur
Copyright by Joan Hill, Roots'n'Leaves Publications

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  1. I love these older-style signs that contain lots of information. Over the years I've learned so many fascinating facts about places that I would have passed by without noticing if it hadn't been for the signs.