Saturday, August 6, 2011

Surname Saturday: Thomas and Ann Adamson, They Finally Arrived in Springdale

The day was September 28th, 1855, and James Peter McPherson's diary has this notation:
" ... Mr. and Mrs. Adamson arrived in the evening."

 Now you ask,"Why, sir, is this such an important occasion?"

And the answer is, "I don't know for sure."  I only know that I have been tracking Thomas and Ann Adamson, off and on,  for nearly a decade, because I know these two are important to my McPherson family.  Now they are in Springdale, Wisconsin, and at the McPherson log cabin.  It is important, but as yet,  I just don't know why.

Things that I do know about the Adamson family are:

** James Peter and Mary Burns McPherson named their first daughter, Ann Adamson McPherson.  (J.P and Mary Burns McPherson always named their children after important people in their lives.)

** James Peter regularly corresponded with Ann Adamson.  (I suspect that the connection is between him and Ann A., but it could be that Thomas dinna read nor write; or primary connection could be between Ann A. and Mary B. McPherson; I will have to keep prodding and digging to determine which scenario is the correct one.)

** There are diary entries and pictures notations that refer to Uncle Thomas Adamson.  (this could mean he was a brother or brother-in-law to James Peter or Mary B; or he could be, indeed, an uncle to either; however, I am thinking that it is Ann who is the sister, sister-in-law, or aunt by blood.  Hopefully, time and the diary will tell.)

Over the past few years, I have tracked Adamson descendants -- and even made contact, but not to much avail.  They either dinna have much information, weren't interested, or their interest was in a different direction.  Now, I am honing in on the Adamsons, Thomas and Ann, in hopes that I can at last find the primary connection with James Peter and Mary Burns McPherson.  So I am looking forward to more information about Thomas and Ann Adamson in future diary pages.  Such a wonderful diary!

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  1. One day the key will open that door and the link will be clear. The diary is intriguing. Good Luck