Sunday, August 7, 2011

Sunday Synopsis: 2011 August 7th

Gad Zooks, August is here, and the summer is two-thirds over.  I always have a bit of a panic attack this time of year --- not ready for summer to be over,  but feeling the change of seasons begin to invade my being at some deep visceral level.  I have long placed this feeling upon my friend Orion's arrival in the early morning eastern sky.  Haven't seen him for months, and now he again talks to me in these wee hours --- telling me to watch for his glory to begin again as he shows the way through the night.    

Enuff of that sort of stuff, and back to my Sunday Synopsis.  This week with Miss M has been one of fits and starts  -- she and her mother had made a commitment with a friend for a picture taking spree  --- sort of a pre-senior picture extravaganza.  The pictures turned out quite nicely as Miss M is a very photogenic young lady.  However, the activity did eat into our project time.  Nevertheless, even with this interruption and a day of not feeling well, we did manage to finish all of the edits for the Uncle Ralph's Letters Project.

 Then, we tackled a group of pictures that had just come into my hands, relating to my aunt, Gail Sigford.  I identified and described the pictures and locations.  Miss M  scanned the pictures into their appropriate locations.  This sounds like a rather simple task, but it took much more time than  either of us anticipated!

As we were wrapping up the scanning project, I just happened to ask M a question about photos  -- photos relating to the Uncle Ralph's Letters project  (URL), which we are now ready to embark upon. The question had to do with Picassa and the Gimp, which are my only two photo manipulation programs.  M looked at my Picassa files, her brow furrowed and her fingers flew over the key board.  She muttered to herself, reminding me of her father when he becomes one with the computer.  The upshot was that unfortunately Gram had no idea what she was doing with Picassa!!!  So she saved what I absolutely knew that I wanted, deleted the rest and reloaded the program.  Then we (she, as I was only an interested observer) started over.  A definite learning experience for me!  Not only did we set up Picassa so that we could use it easily to edit the pictures for  URL, but now I have a better understanding of the program.  

This little side trip that M and I took was one of the unexpected benefits and joys of her stay.,  Also during this back and forth, unstructured dialogue between the two of us,  we started talking about my blog and how I would like to change the look and format.  Hopefully, we will have time to do that this week.

Goals for this coming week  --- Miss M's  last week here --- are to get the pictures for URL prepared;  download URL into Scibus and add the pictures.  We may not get all of the pictures entered before she leaves, but I am sure much of the hard work, especially with the photos which I don't like to do and am not as adept at the process as M, will be done.

And a bonus goal will be to work on refurbishing my blog.


  1. It sounds like you two had a wonderful time!!

  2. I like your Sunday Synopsis idea! Such a great way to reflect and wrap-up the previous week.

  3. Looking forward to seeing your blog's new look! And isn't it wonderful to have your very own technology consultant?!?!