Monday, August 22, 2011

Sunday Synopsis: 2011 August 22nd --- OH, I Know It's Monday -but--

A Sunday Synopsis on a Monday.  It happens.  Better on a Monday, than not at all.  Was I here and present?  Well, sorta.

Actually now that I got dumb and dumber out of my system, last week was not all that bad.  Of course, I got my ration on transcribing completed, though a number of oddities came up.  Yesterday morning, I found that a couple of months of transcriptions had been lost due to Libre's eccdentricities.  Note to self,  always "save" ( and it's a good idea to "close") when I walk away from my fancy-dancy work station , even when I think I am coming right back,  cuz sometimes I get sidetracked. 

The more interesting parts of the transcription is finding that I am beginning to be so "in tune" with how J. P. writes, that in addition to transcribing, I am now reading between the lines.  I say things to myself, such as:  "O--O,  J.P is not happy with his neighbor", or  "he's gonna have more about this issue", or "J.P doesn't think the Squire knows what he's doing."  And so far, my great-great grandfather is confirming my internal questions.  Though sometimes I have to wait till he is ready to tell me.  A strange relationship we are forging, him and me.

Regarding the Uncle Ralph's Letters project:  T'is a steep learning curve on which I have embarked.  And in addition to the learning process, my ability to design the pages is rather limited.  I have a few sample pages that I am going to "shop around" to friends, printers, and a book designer.  In fact, I have left a message with the book designer to set up a consult time. More about that next week.

Blog posts have been at a minimum.  It's not because I have nothing to write, but rather too much.  Also, each little bit, seems to take just "few more minutes/hours" research.  Come on, old girl, just write it!

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  1. Your new format looks very nice. I hear ya, about that time element and researching and all to write a blog. I refuse to admit in public how much time some of my posts actually take to prepare. It is scary. But, I so love the process, so I dig in once again and again and again - - - -