Saturday, July 30, 2011

Surname Saturday: Beat (John & David) of Verona, Wisconsin

In May of 1850, one of the first Scots with  whom James Peter McPherson came into contact in Wisconsin was John and David Beat of Verona.  Just two days after  J.P.  settled his family into their temporary lodgings,   John Beat "ploughed" a garden site for J.P. at the site of the log cabin where J.P. and family were living in the small village of  Verona.  A few days later,  Beat took J.P. to Springdale to look for land on which to settle.  In return, J.P. plied his trade as a tailor, making pants, vests and coats for the Beats.

Over the next five years (which is as far as my transcriptions have taken me), McPhersons and Beats have had an ongoing working relationship, as well as being friends.  J.P. lived in Springdale, and John and David Beat lived in Verona, a distance of  eight or nine miles.  Even so, they were at one another's "raisings," helped one another during planting and harvesting as well social visits.

Until I read J.P.'s diary, I had never heard of the Beats, and now I would like to know so much more about the John and David Beat that I have met in the pages of J.P.'s diary.  So, if there are any relatives of John and David Beat reading this blog, I would very much like to hear from you.

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  1. Over the years I've come to realize how important our anecestors' friends are..and why not when our own are for us. Our pioneer ancestors need friends more without any family around. Wishing you luck finding some Beat replies.