Sunday, July 10, 2011

Sunday Synopsis . 2011 Junly 10th

Ahhhh, indeed a Sunday Synopsis on Sunday; now that is a good thing! The last couple of weeks have been full, somewhat stressful, but  to a great extent productive --  but still no Sunday Synopsis.

First order of business is the book of my Uncle Ralph's letters.  I am almost a third through the major edit and revision.  The revision is not of his letters, but includes the introduction paragraph for each letter and  inserting letters that were lost in the transferal process.  I also have an appointment to talk with a professional who consults, advises and even sets up the printing process.  I am not sure just where this conversation will lead, but looking forward to having some professional input on how the final project might look.  Unfortunately, I am further away from that publication date than I had earlier thought.  Revision and editing is the PITS.

Next on my list of TO DOs is much more entertaining to me: Transcribing the diary of my 2x great-grandfather James Peter McPherson.  Being a bit obsessive about this project has forced me to actually close the screen with the photographic image of the diary as well as the transcription screen when I have finished for the day.  I have tended to leave the screen active in my tool bar ---- then,  I will tell myself that I can just add an entry or two.  The next thing I know, an hour or more has passed.  The good thing about that is that I have about 50 pages transcribe, clear up to mid 1853.  Now to keep myself in check with reality, this means that I have only transcribed about 3 1/2 years out of the thirty-five years in the first book.  Yowser!!  Reality noted!

Before the 4th of July holiday, I was headed down to northern California to visit my McPherson aunties, which I did.  However, one aunt was ill in the hospital, so our family get-together rather revolved around going to the hospital, at the hospital, coming from the hospital, and talking about the same.  As always, I enjoyed seeing my aunties and cousins, even under such stressful and worrisome conditions.  However, I didn't get to hear any of the family stories that I so love.

Last of my ongoing tasks -- not really a tasks, because I really do enjoy writing --- even though my writing has not been very productive the last two weeks.  During April and May, I participated in a memoir writing group, and during the process I wrote about 15-20 short pieces, which in retrospect are rather like reminders of stories that I want to put flesh on their bare bones. During the last two weeks, I  have all of those pieces entered into my computer --- some actually in a "2nd draft"-rewrite condition.  One of the most important parts of the workshop was the mining of these stories that  had nearly slipped away.

I do like my latest writing regimen;  I get up between 5:30-6:00 a.m and stagger to my computer and write.  I try not to put a good or bad connotation on what I choose to write, but knowing that sooner or later I will use what ever I write or am working on --- in some form or fashion these morning sessions will show up in a completed piece.  Now, depending upon the day, I have full-filled my writing commitment by 7:00 to 9:00 a.m. and I have the rest of the day to work in my garden, read, go to my writing group, check in with friends, clean house (ughh), or even to go back to my office and write.  What a change in attitude, no more struggling with my ever-growing lists which left no time for life and living.  Although to my list-making family this is a slovenly way to go through life.  But it suits me --- and it is how I worked for most of my life.  Back to my roots -- or in this case, Roots'n'Leaves.


  1. Sounds HUGELY productive to me. Love reading about your progress on all your projects!

  2. Thanks for reading and commenting. You, your FB and blogs make my heart sing.

  3. Joan, I'm impressed by your program and commitment to it. The diary sounds like a big task but it will be an achievement when it's done. I need to take a lesson from yr plan and get some actual research done soon. Good luck with both the letters and diary. Pauleen