Sunday, July 31, 2011

Sunday Synopsis: 2011 July 31

A productive week!! My granddaughter M stayed in Ashland to assist me in some woefully behind office projects.  Originally, I thought that I would just have her scan pictures, file, and general organization projects. On Monday, she whipped through a scanning project, so on Tuesday I had her do the computer edits for the  UNCLE RALPH LETTERS project.  She was fast and quick to pick up on my idiosyncracies, so between her and me, we have completed 150 out of 176 pages.  If all goes well, next week we should be able to download the manuscript into Scribus, and the start inserting pictures, and identifying problem areas.

So, to my Miss M,  I say Bravo!

I have also kept up transcribing J.P.'s diary, though not at the rate before M's starting her work project.  Hopefully, blogging about people, places and things in 1850s Springdale, Wisconsin, will entertain Geneabloggers friends, as well as family and other interested persons.   Always hoping for that cuzin-connection --- or even almost-cuzin-connection.

As far as writing is concerned, my efforts are rather minimal.  I have several "Auntie" pieces in various stages of completion -- or not  --  and growing  list of stories to tell; but the time to sit down to uninterrupted writing time has been sparse to non-existent --- but the days are starting to lengthen, and in the early morning eastern sky,  I can see Orion peeking over the mountains; hopefully a harbinger of quiet autumn days.


  1. I need a granddaughter M. How wonderful for you and for her, work accomplished and memories made too! WIN-WIN!

  2. Yes, indeed it has been a good week, and looking forward to another good week or so before she heads back home.

  3. Love the account of you and Miss M and teamwork.


  4. Sounds like you are both having fun as well as being productive. pauleen