Sunday, July 24, 2011

Sunday Synopsis . 2011 July 24th; Dual Screen Transcribing;;HOO-RAA!

This was to be a vacation week.  Yes, indeed, I gave myself permission to not show up at ye ole puter in the early morning hours., because my son and his family were here on vacation.  Of course, I kept alpha geek son busy with my long list of puter questions, problems, etc.

Genius son made me a happy, happy mom.  I have told you all about my obsession  with the diary.  However, I haven't really said much about the eye strain, the "slow go" due haaving to switch between screens, and the laboriousness of zooming in and out to read faded and sometimes scrawled words.  I whined abit --- now just a tiny bit --- to genius son.  And lo, as the sun rises in the east, genius son bestowed on me the gift of a dual-screen set up.  He connected my old desk-top -monitor (which is a very nice monitor) to my lap-top computer.  Now I have a fairly large display of the diary on the big desk-top screen and on the lap top screen is the word processing transcription document.  Heavenly!  And if I want to go from one screen to the other, a quick sweep of the mouse and I have switched to the other screen.

I dinna know whether I have described this magical wonder in understandable terms --- but you get my drift --- right?  I was   going to post this on   Techie Tuesday Thingy, but I just couldn't wait.  Although, I have been feeling rather left out with the techie stuff,  so I might just post this again.  Needless to say, I am a happy mom, happy transcriber, and view myself as an emerging techie --- just dinna know it.

Vacations are so wonderful  - especially when a dual monitor set-up is part of the package.


  1. Oh, cool!! I have a couple of monitors and have considered asking my kids to do this kind of a set up for me too. Usually I ask Man, but, need to include the kids now and then, eh??? LOL Enjoy~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

  2. Oh, Joan you MUST be in heaven! I'm not a computer geek so it never occurred to me that there was a solution to moving back and forth between windows when transcribing or doing other things. You've got a great son! Thanks for sharing.

  3. Carol and Nancy, Thanks for reading --- and I am in computer heaven. The transcribing is ever so much faster and easier on the eyes. I am lucky to have wonderful alpha geek for a son!

  4. Well done Joan! Not to mention well done alpha geek son! Many hours of happy transcribing. Enjoy