Monday, April 11, 2011

Sunday Synopsis:Not quite under the wire, 2011 April 10th

The good and the bad;  The good, I have been busy and fairly productive; The bad, busy and productive but not necessarily on the tasks intended.  One rather exciting occurrence this past week was and unexpected contact from a "cuzin" on my Keyes-Brown line.  I have been so envious of other bloggers who have been contacted by unknown relatives via their blogs.  Never happened to me, and I had just about given up hope, when I got a wonderful email.  She not only found my blog post on Sarah Almira Duty Brown, but she had been going through old related blog posts.  Giddy I was!   I have a number of pictures of her great grandpa, 2xgreat and 3x grandmother, but my real pleasure was being able to pass along some treasured pictures of her great grandpa.  These pictures were rather like orphans  for me --- not in my direct family but close enough I knew them, but not their descendants. Now I have a home and a family for these old photographs. Over the next few months, I hope to go through my pictures and find more bits of this new "cuzin's" past to pass along to her.  A very good part of the week.

Another plus for my week was having a blogger friend coach me through some worrisome things about Picassa.  Then some "while away" hours seeing just what I could do with this new creature Picassa.  I don't believe I will be able to use Picassa as I had intended for  adding the pictures to the book on Uncle Ralph's letters, but every bit of new information, program, technology is good in and of itself.  Regarding the book of letters, I have unearthed the copy desk that I will be using for the next few weeks.  And so sad to say, but not surprised, I evidently did not get an Archive.com grant --- t'would have made the finish work for the book so much easier.  Now, head down, and plow ahead.

Finished draft on Harold's bio and have sent it out for comment and suggestions.  Started on one of the aunties.  I am amazed at how much information on my McPherson kin just rolls out ---  a really great benefit of having to go thru my dear Uncle Ralph's letters three and four times, i.e., great hunks of McPherson history just sit in this fuzzy little brain, just waiting for a chance to burst forth.

I also made a list of 50 To Do's to move the finish/publishing this book along (which sort of covers my "progression steps for the book" --outlined major project hunks, as well as listed little details and phone calls.  This week I have contacted four  cuzin's for various bits of information and spent quite a bit of time trying to track down "lost cuzin's."  The List of 50 actually made that happen for me, so I am happily clickiing off items that I might have put off.  It's good to have a list which includes those little things that just take 15 minutes or less --- those are the ones that I put off til later--- and "Why?" I ask myself.  "Well cuz I dinna have a list that included little jobbies.

Okay, enough blather about what I did this past week and on to what I dinna do --- oh, my!  Dinna post to blog, dinna finish my re-writes, and need to finalize the Release form and letter.

This coming couple of weeks are going to be very busy --- writing group, appointments, yard guy, and the reunion looming in the too near future.  Therefore, I am not adding anything new to my weekly intents --- just hope to keep to the tune of my drummer.

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  1. Joan...good job on finding a cousin via your blogging...it is exciting, especially the first time! Looking forward to hearing about more 'cousin connections'