Sunday, April 3, 2011

Sunday Synopsis:Just under the wire, 2011 April 3rd

I am not sure whether I was MIA or AWOL --- whichever, after March 17th I was not fully present here at Roots'n'Leaves.  Even tho blogging fell by the wayside, I have been more or less on task - sometimes more and sometimes less.

In my ongoing effort to keep on track, I need to take stock of my wayward ways and failure to post for over two weeks and missed two Sunday Synopsis postings.  Things that I did accomplish;  hosted a critique group; attended another crit group; attended a screenwriting workshop; wrote a short essay, Lessons from the Pencil Sharpner; and have my dad's bio nearly done --- only have 10 or so to go.  I have also been in contact with cousins regarding the upcoming reunion in Red Bluff.  Mostly, life happened and my attention and efforts wandered.  Now to get back on track.

My intent for the coming week is the following:
  *  Finish the bio on my dad
  *  Finalize the Release form and letter (a must do, as I need to present it to folks at the family reunion in April)
  *  Draft at least one more  McPherson bios ( I would like to have 10 done by the reunion, but starting a bit late.)
  *  Finish the rewrite of "Clay" and "Lessons from the Pencil Sharpener;"  submit for publication.
  *  At least 3 blog posts.
  *  Outline progression steps for completion of the book of Uncle Ralph's letters.


  1. Whew, that is some tall order - -

    Good luck, and why is it that life does that

    "get in the way" thingy???

  2. Good for you - spelling things out for everyone to see helps us make our goals. The first of the year I wrote out my goals and posted them on my blog...now the 1st of every month I write an update and track how I've done for the month/year to date. It REALLY helps.

  3. I admire your serious "to do" list. Good luck with the reunion activities.Life does tend to get in the way and sometimes it's not too clear just what it was....

  4. Reunions are fun, but work. At least we know your not sitting and twiddling your thumbs, maybe after the reunion inside a air conditioned house later in the summer. Maybe a nice little drink to alternate with thumb twiddling while you evaluate.

  5. Oh. My. Goodness. You are one dedicated lady. I think I jus' may borrow your attitude an' tenacity, as long as you're okay with that? I am very impressed with all you are accomplishing. Thanks for setting such an outstanding example for folks like me. :)

    ~ Yaya

  6. Where'd it go? Where'd it go? I tried to post a comment an' it disappeared. I hope it found its way to you, somehow. For sure, I can't find it. I'll keep looking. If you find it lemme' know, k?

    ~ Yaya