Sunday, March 13, 2011

Sunday Synopsis:Just under the wire, 2011 March 13th

Seems like I got a lot done, but possibly not what I intended - so we will see as I take stock.

This past week I accomplished the following:
   *  Posted Days 7,8,9,10,11,12 &13 for the Fearless Females series.
  *  Worked on James P. McPherson by reviewing old newspapers from 1850 thru 1900.  Still have some more, plus being intrigued with what I can find out on other family members of that place and time.
  *  Spent some time on Picassa. Now I am really confused.  Have been in contact with a couple of Geneaboggers who use the critter.  It appears I have many, many duplicates, but I have modified stationary panic about what to do about the situation.
  * FINALLY have a draft Release form and letter for the book on UR'sL.

My intent for the week is the following:
  *  Host my writing critique group on Tuesday ( o, no, that means dreaded house cleaning!!)
  *   Finalize the Release form and letter (a must do, as I need to present it to folks at the family reunion in April)
  *  Draft 2 McPherson bios ( I would like to have 10 done by the reunion, but starting a bit late.)
  *  Finish the rewrite of "Clay" and submit for publication.
  * Post for Fearless Females series.

This past week I have found myself in a quandry about blogging;  I really like the two series that I have been doing, but they are major time slurpers.  I hope that I don't have to let them slip by the wayside.  I have been thinking about posting in the evening (which means I need to get ahead of the time line and post for the next day on the night before.)   Then if I can't get the posting done at night, then I will have to let that day slip. I really like to write these pieces, but I can't let that kind of writing take over my prime writing/working time, which is in the morning.Nonetheless, this was a fairly good week.

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  1. Don't panic about Picasa and don't go removing duplicates in a hurry. First, take a deep breath.

    Next, go to Picasa, your main page, and then, go down to the VERY VERY bottom of the page, find something that looks like this:

    "You are currently using 247 MB (24.13%) of your 1024 MB."

    What are your numbers?? Unless you are well over 80% of the 1024 MB you have LOTS of time to fix and NOT panic.

    My guess is that you got those duplicates when you had all that trouble with photos last year.

    If you haveother questions, I could also try to help. You know where I am.