Monday, March 7, 2011

Sunday Synopsis: A bit late, 2011 March 7th

O man, doncha just hate Sundays that fly by, frittered away.  Breakfast out, followed by the major monthly grocery shopping at Costco, Winco --- and Big R (for the critters), I was bambozzled by the time we got home.  Read a book about the Tea Trade in China, (Costco had an array of new books and I couldna resist), then later in the day I remembered that  I needed to post for my Fearless Females series.  Well, that require photographing my grandmothers gold-plated pin which is composed of her initialwhich strayed my mind into a variety of labyrinths that seems to surround the complexities of my Grandmother Agnes Laura Sigford.  After I finally posted for March 6th, I puttered around doing set-up for the rest of the week, chatted a bit on Skype, and called it a day.

This past week I accomplished the following:
  *  Wrote and scheduled the Week 10 offering for 52 Weeks of Personal Genealogy and History (scheduled for March 9th).
  *  Posted Days 1,2,3,4,5, &6 for the Fearless Females series.
  *  Worked on the rewrite for the "Clay" piece.  Had some major learning curves with "Open Office" and finally decided to cut and paste.  Sometimes old tried and true methods are more time efficient  ---  but I learned a few things along the way.
  *  Spent some time on Picassa.  I actually have not a clue how this thing works, but  some how -- without my knowledge or intent -- I have pictures on Picassa.  I think this may be a functional way to set up pictures for the book of  Uncle Ralph's Letters, but we will see.  Perhaps I can find someone in town that knows how to use Picassa.

My intent for the week is the following:
  *  draft Release form and letter for the book on UR'sL (This is now a 3-week left over. Hmm, a tad bit of resistance, I see.)
  *  Finish the rewrite of "Clay" and submit for publication.
  * Post for Fearless Females series.

The past week has been an OK week as far as writing, blogging is concerned.  I wandered into areas that took up too much time, but I like learning and delving into stuff I don't know about.  I dinna finish the piece I had started for the COG's Womens History.   I am also finding that the two blogging series are major time slurpers.  If these series become too much of a time-drain, I may have to just let them slip by the wayside.  However, I am finding them useful for some sort pieces that I haven't thought about before, so -- I'll wait for more clarity about this situation.


  1. You have photos on Picasa because that is where they go when you use Blogger. When you set up a gmail account, you get Picasa storage and other fun stuff. Gmail = Blogger = Picasa storage. Slick how they make them work together, eh??

    Great work week!

  2. I'd like to do Fearless Females too, but it's just too much. Didn't even do 52 Weeks last week because I really couldn't think of anything for sounds (other than music, but I suspect that will be the topic of a future week). I've been contacted by two people (via my blog) concerning Jacob Wolfe 1734's descendants, and have spent all genealogy time the past two weeks pulling up all the descendants I didn't already have in the Texas branches on Ancestry.com. Thankful for the Texas birth, marriage, and divorce indices there - I can get everybody born through 1997, and marriages and divorces through 2002!

  3. Carol and Amanda, thanks for stopping by and commenting. Definitely helps to keep me on task, when I know someone reads these rambling Sunday (sometimes) Synopses.