Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Fearless Females, March 16, 2011: Lunch with Elizabeth Lowery Doran

Thank you to Lisa Alzo, of The Accidental Genealogist , for this always interesting and evocative month long series about the Fearless Females of our past.  The instructions for this day are as follows:

March 16 — If you could have lunch with any female family member (living or dead) or any famous female who would it be and why? Where would you go? What would you eat?

"Welcome, Mrs. Doran,  I thought it would be nice to have lunch out on the deck.   Looking out across the tree-covered hillside  might put you in a mind of your home in the hill country of northeastern Tennessee."

"I thank you for your hospitality, but madam, just where do I know you from?"

"O you don't really know me --- and I don't really know you, though I wish to make your acquaintance.  I am your great-great-great granddaughter."

"Posh now, that is nonesense."

"Tis true.  I called  to you in my mind  --- and here you are,"  I said as I poured tea for the lady.

"These little sandwiches and strawberries are quite lovely.  Now tell me why you called me --- I am most confused."

"You are very special to me -  a one of a kind 3rd grandmother.  Your daughter Margaret married James Keyes and their youngest son David Lowery married a cousin Susan Ward.  Her mother was your daughter Janet.  David and Susan's second son was my great grandfather James Edward Leonardis Keyes.  So in my mind you are twice my great-great-great grandmother, which makes you very special to me.

"I have long been intrigued by your history.  Your husband Alexander Doran fought in the war against King George -- and in fact, fought in the Battle of Kings Mountain.  He also fought in the War of 1812, and died of during that war.  But more importantly,  your children moved from Abingdon, to Tennessee, and ever westward to Texas and on to the Pacific coast taking their history and names throughout the country.

"But I really want to know about your life in Ireland -- or perhaps even Scotland, as I  understand the Lowerys were Scots.  How did you meet up the the Keyes, Dorans, Wards, and Gordons?  I have heard rumors that in the mid-1700s you all came to  America from Ireland on the same ship.  Is that true?  Did you know each other for a long time in Ireland, or Scotland? 

"Oh, and I wondered if it's a true story that James Doran, Alexander's father, was born at Donegal Castle and that his father was the Earl of Donegal.  What do you know about Donegal?  It sounds like a fairytale place -- Donegal Castle.  And what .."

"O my goodness, child, you ask a lot of questions.  What is this nice cold soup  -- does have a bit of a snap to it?"

"Gazpacho -- I like it on a summer's day.  Now back to my questions..."

"Missy, I am an old lady --- you called me, but now I am tired and must be going back."

And she was gone -just like that, leaving me with  a whole list of unanswered questions.  Well, perhaps the next time.


  1. Perhaps next time she'll feel more like sharing. It be nice if we could just call them up and ask all of our questions.

  2. Apple,
    boy, don't I just wish it were that easy!! Thanks for reading.

  3. I love this post! Oh, the conversations I would have if only I could! Your post has given me some great post ideas, and since I've been running a bit on the dry side, I appreciate that very much!

    Expand on this, Joan, and it could be a 52 Weeks Blogging Prompt!!

  4. I loved this blog post, Joan, and for the past year (plus) I've enjoyed reading your blog posts!!

    I've awarded you the Lovely Blog Award, and you can pick it up at http://www.familytreewriter.com. Bless you!!