Sunday, February 20, 2011

Sunday Synopsis: 2011 February 20

Tonite, in the worst way, I wanted to go hide and read a book, watch TV, or Skype  --- well, in fact, I did do a bit of Skyping with my sister, but I was multitasking by trying to reconcile a couple of things so I can finish my taxes.  My sis can talk  on the telephone while she is doing all sorts of chores and things.  Unfortunately,  that is not my style  --- when I am talking to someone, I like to focus my attention on the person --- and so with my work tasks. So I dinna even get to fully enjoy my Skyping. Now that I have sniveled and whined, on with the Sunday Synopsis, which is much more difficult than I had anticipated.  A worthwhile exercise, even tho sometimes frustrating.

This week I started off in fine shape and did the following:
1 - Wrote the  "Toys of My Mind" piece.
2 - Presented "Toys" at my Tuesday critique group; good critique for edits.
3 - Edited and posted "Toys."
4 - Updated the piece on the Sigford house at Matney Way and posted for "Those Places Thursday."
5 - Transferred another 50 pages of  Uncle Ralph's Letters to a clean Word document.
6 - Found an indexing program -- won't purchase until Letters are transferred
The end of the week looked a bit puny as far as writing, blogging,  and genealogy was concerned.  I kept thinking about it but never got into the swing of it; housekeeping chores, exercise, and taxes took end of the week precident.

My intent for this next week is to do the following:
For Uncle Ralph's Letters
*  transfer at least 100 pages to the clean Word document (that will leave 122 pages remaining to transfer)
*  draft a "Request for Readers" letter (left over from last week).
*  draft a Release form and letter (left over from last week).

For Writing (from last week)
* Update "Clay" for submission.
* Edit "House" and "Legacy of Sharp Pencils."

For Blogging
*  Post for Tombstone Tuesday
*Post for 52 Weeks of Genealogy's Tech prompt -- should be fun.
*Post for Those Places Thursday
*Post for Surname Saturday with a bio of a McPherson 

My major roadblock to accomplishing  the above will be finishing my taxes and reclaiming my desk.  I don't work well in chaos and right now my desk is chaos.  However, having a road map is important, even if I have to take more time negotiating pot holes and rocks --- the goal is in sight.

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  1. hi Joan

    I think you achieved a huge amount last week. Sometimes we hope to do too much -technology can be a hard taskmaster sometimes. I didn't even get to my google reader this week :-(

    Positive vibes for this week.