Sunday, February 13, 2011

Sunday Synopsis: 2011 February 13th

Missed posting a Sunday Synopsis for last week. We had some house repair issues that needed immediate attention which left me rather scattered. However, I am regrouping. I started out mulley-grubbing about not getting anything accomplished. This morning when I sad down a made my writing/blogging/genealogy To Do List for the week, I realized that I had done some work --- without even being aware of working.

I have ruffed-out two piece that I think will become polished stories, essays or blogs.

I also poked a bit at my Uncle Ralph Letters; I had thought that I would just download to Blurb and print. However, there are some problems. I have a definite image of the finished product and Blurb just isn't going to be the vehicle. So I am cross-checking my blog with my Word documents; I made many edits on the blog after I copied and pasted to my blog from the original documents. In addition, I have to figure out the best way to index the letters.

My intent for the upcoming week is to complete or work on the following:

1 - Re: Uncle Ralph's letters (this may take weeks to complete):
* Work on getting my original Word copy verified with the Blog copy
* Update my Scribus publishing program
* Send our A Release for the few living family members mentioned in the letters. I have verbal approval but I want a signed written copy for my files.
* Draft a request for "reader" (persons who would be willing to read all or portions of the Letters before it goes to print.
* Find a source or someone who knows about indexing a document of this length.

2 - Writing:
* Review and/or rework "Clay" before submission.
* Rework "House"
* "toys" draft to final
* "Pencil box" draft to 2nd draft or more

3 - Blogging; The blogging week is outlined --- some easy, some not so much, so pulled from older genealogy writings, and hopefully "Toys" will be ready before the week is over.

Now to complete all of this whilst finishing taxes, ramrodding the repair guy, a critique group will definitely keep me busy.


  1. I really do like this idea, it won't work for me right now, on the road. I think I might try it tho, whenever it is that we return to SE Michigan.

  2. Thanks, Carol. Glad you like the idea. Never thought anyone would read my thrashing around about thrashing around. Thanks for reading.

  3. Sounds like an ambitious schedule.


  4. Cathy, I just keep plugging along. Have so many projects that I want to do. This is my way of keeping on track and not getting lost in the wilderness of my mind.