Sunday, January 30, 2011

Sunday Synopsis: 2011 January 30th

My schedule for this past week was rather full. In retrospect this is what it looked like:

Monday, 1/24, posted an Obituary for James B. McPherson, which was actually more of a political history for his father, James P. McPherson, than an obituary for James B. McPherson.

Tuesday, 1/25, posted my wee poem in honor of Rabbie Burns' birthday.

Wednesday, 1/26, traveled to Eugene (300 miles north of my home in Ashland) to have an early sushi dinner with my sis and our friend; then went directly to my Eugene critique group. An excellent day and evening in all respects. Good dinner, good conversation, and a great critique group.

Thursday, 1/27, traveled the 300 miles back to Ashland. Posted at piece on the Pine Grove School house in Klamath County. This was an excerpt from a family history that I wrote several years ago and I was horrified at my writing back then --- but also pleased with the strides I have made in my craft of writing.

I also made a few follow-up contacts on some problems I am encountering in putting the Ralph letters into a form to print, e.g., indexing is causing me to want to yell, scream and pull my hair; the actual process of getting the book ready for pdf seems daunting and I keep hoping for a fairy godmother to come and wave her wand.

The last three days of the week were spent in general clean up, i.e., house, desk, filing, and that sort of thing --- to say nothing of mounds of laundry and a nagging dog.

For this next week, my intent is to be more focused and not traveling throughout the state. Focus for the week:
1 - writing time of at least 6 hours, to include mini bios, slants, project writing and new blog material
2 - Project of Ralph's letter: find indexing software or source; try out WinHttrack as an alternative to Blurb or similar programs; begin editing process. Also, call a couple of printers for some input.
3 - Ashland critique group on Tuesday.

Hmmm, only three things on my list, but I think that is more than enough to keep me busy.


  1. I am enjoying your weekly updates! Always enlightening.

  2. Carol, Thanks for checking in and reading my weekly ramblings. Just writing the Sunday Synopsis keeps me focused, but having someone actually interested in my ramblings --- wow, even better.

  3. You've accomplished so much this week - and had good times, too! I have to figure out how to do this....