Sunday, January 16, 2011

Sunday Synopsis; 2011 January 10th through January 16th

I am rather liking this Sunday Synopsis, especially since the week has been marked by more productivity in the writing and genealogy realm.

1- completion of transcribing, posting and scanning the last of the Letters from my Uncle Ralph. WAHOO! Also set up the archival boxes in which to house the letters.
2- Transcribed and posted two newspaper articles about a shooting tragedy in my McPherson family.
3- Wrote a post on my aunts' cousin, Jerry Rose (born Gladys Irene McPherson).
4- Research on the family of James Septimus McPherson; made cold calls to a couple of likely prospect -- alas not to be.  Made a list of potentials for cold calls.
5- 14 hrs of writing, transcribing, posting items into Roots'n'Leaves and Letters of My Uncle Ralph

I am pleased with the work for this week. However, my goal for the coming week is to increase my writing time to at least 6 hours -- not transcribing, researching or making lists --- just writing. Last week, I started writing an ancestor's history in his voice so that I got more of sense of the person behind the facts. Actually, I wrote several pieces in different voices -- pride, fear, love, anger, happy, lust, jealous. I think I will do this as a warm-up writing exercise -- kills two birds with one stone or as my sis says, "She's talking to dead people again."


  1. Wow, I feel like a sluggard after reading your accomplishments for the week. I need to get busy- Thanks for the inspiration!

  2. Great ideas here,

    Joan, as far as viewing photos on my blog, sometimes if you go back later in the day, or try a reload right then, the ones that don't show might pop up.