Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Blog a Book, Jump a Brook, Take a Look

Early in May, after reading Heather Rojo's  publishing a blog book and blog book update  , I realized this was a great idea.  The letters written by  Ralph Jabez McPherson, my Uncle Ralph's letters,  had laid in their shoe boxes while I fussed about how to make them accessible.  Family members wanted copies, though I was pretty sure that the copies would be mostly  unread and my work not valued.  However, to have a published book of the letters that my Uncle Ralph wrote, now that's a project of value to me and one in which I could sink my teeth.  Every day as I post letters,  I can see the book taking place before my eyes, even though I have posted only about 25% of the letters.

My plan is to have all of  the 150+ letters posted, with short commentaries, by the first of September.  I am hoping that gives me enough time to index, add family groups for a road map to the characters,  figure out a cover (I am not the most artistically inclined person) and  publish around the 1st of November.  This project is a typical one for me; I have not done this kind of project before; I don't know exactly how to do it,but jumped into the project with more enthusiasm than sense.  As summer is coming on with all the pleasurable activities pulling at me, I need accountability.    Therefore I am posting periodic updates on this blog and asking for comments and suggestions --- and encouragement from my Geneablogging friends.   I have learned much from you all in these few short months I have been part of this great group..