Thursday, August 19, 2010

2010 WASP Exhibit Featuring Memorabilia From Gail Sigford Family Archives: Display Case 1

The photo above, though a bit blurry as it was taken through the glass display case,  shows about one-third of the first of three glass display cases in the exhibit.  The items shown include a digital picture frame, a copy of a  Life Magazine, and a well known picture of four WASP walking away from a B17.

For many of the 25,000 young women who applied to become WASP learned about the WASP from the few articles such as this July 19, 1943 issue of the Life Magazine.  There were no WASP recruitment offices or posters, so young women heard about the WASP by word of mouth, letters from other women pilots, and the few magzaine articles.  Gail Sigford, the featured WASP of this exhibit, heard about the program by one of these magazine articles.  She then figured out to whom she should sent an application, and finally sent her application to Jacqueline Cochran, the WASP Director in Washington D.C.

For the exhibit, CC of our Gang of Five (the exhibit core group) scanned all of the pictures from this Life Magazine article and then loaded them onto the digital picture frame.   These rotating pictures were well received, as exhibit viewers would watch the rotation of WASP training activities with avid interest.  This was an excellent method of bringing movement and action into a static display.

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  1. The digital photo frame is a FAB idea! LOVE IT!!